JeniLuScraps – ShirCrazy Wristlet for Cash Envelopes!

I am super excited to share an awesome Etsy shop with you all! 

JeniLuScraps is a mother/daughter team who designs awesome bags, purses, wallets, pouches, coin purses and key fobs out of recycled fabric, with the occasional new fabric thrown in.  Their Etsy shop is crammed full of useful, handmade items.

Remember when I shared the little bit of sewing I was doing a while back?  I mentioned on that post that someone {ahem} should open up an Etsy shop to sell these adorable little clutches because they fit my cash envelopes just perfectly.

Well, JeniLuScraps actually FOLLOWED THROUGH!  Yeah, I know.  You totally wish you had jumped on that bandwagon, eh?

Okay, but the coolest part is that the mama half of the team (Georgi) is really, really good at drafting sewing patterns.  Jen (the daughter, who lives here in Oregon, “Hi Jen!” {waves!}) asked me what would make the little wristlet clutch absolutely perfect.  I gave her my little opinion.  And then, Georgi actually met ALL of my criteria. And then, they sent me one.  Eeek!

Check it out:

Uhhh-dorable.  LOVE the two bands across the middle!  LOVE.

Yes. Handmade. Love the little tag! Notice the card slots? That teal bit of fabric is actually a divider, so there are two sides to this ShirCrazy Wristlet, with a card holder divider in the middle!

A zippered pocket for my change!  Wahoo!  Perfect! LOVE that she used colored zippers!!

The best part?  My cash envelopes fit inside.  I’m actually going to use this set for my coupon shopping trips, though.  My labels will say: Transaction 1, Transaction 2, Transaction 3, Transaction 4, Safeway, Rite Aid, Walmart, and 3 blank.  (Most likely, but don’t quote me on it.)

The inside, under the label, has spots for my store reward cards and gift cards! I LOVE this little wristlet!!

JeniLuScraps will work with any fabric of your choice, too!  If you buy a bit of fabric in another Etsy shop and ship it to them, they’ll make exactly what you want!!  I love that!  Just convo (message) them on Etsy to set up a private listing!  (See one of their wristlets here!)

And, I kind of hate to “publish” their price, because in my opinion it is too low.  Seriously, WAY too low for a handmade item like this!  If I were to make this wristlet, it would cost you about $125.00 in labor alone (not kidding).  JeniLuScraps is selling their wristlets for only $20.00!  Hello?  (Anyone else think that is insane?  Tell me in the comments.)  Jump on that bargain before they come to their senses, people!!

Go check out the JeniLuScraps store on Etsy.  There are all kinds of fun things to look at!  I actually bought my son a little Zipster Pouch in soccer ball fabric to keep his garage sale money in.  He loves it and is so excited to have his own wallet!  Shipping was fast, there was great communication, and it is exactly what I was expecting!

“Like” JeniLuScraps on Facebook and check out their fabric selection so you can custom order your ShirCrazy Wristlet!

Thanks Jen and Georgi, for letting me test out this awesomely designed ShirCrazy Wristlet!  It’s absolutely gorgeous!

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