I sewed!: The Gathered Clutch

Sometimes I get on a sewing kick.  This doesn’t happen very often, so I have to harness that energy while it is available and try to finish as many projects as I can before I burn out.

This time, I was completely inspired by an adorable little purse I found while blog hopping.  It is the Gathered Clutch by Anna Graham of Noodlehead.  She posted a great free tutorial on her blog, so I grabbed some scraps that I had laying around and got to work!!

This is the first one I made.  It matches the Amy Butler Swing Bag that I made while in Texas for Thanksgiving (my last sewing kick).

I included the optional divider and card holders.  I wanted to see if one of my Cash Envelope sets would fit inside.  Yep. Perfect!  I may have to make up a set to hold coupons and then actually have a coupon organizer in my purse!  Imagine that. I currently just grab my coupons and shove them in my wallet.  It’s a mess.

I had more scraps and more sewing energy, so the next day I made another one.  This time, I added the divider, but not the card holders, and I tucked a little wrist strap in there.

This is ACTUAL Amy Butler fabric, by the way.  Well, the band is Riley Blake, but the orange stuff (which Mitch just HATES!!) is A.B.  It was made with the scraps from one of my first Amy Butler Swing Bags, – the one that I tore up to use as a pattern while in Texas.

I am in LOVE with this pattern, and I actually did the zipper correctly the second time around!  I decided to purchase the pattern, as a thank you to the gal who shared the tutorial, and also because she includes different options that are a lot of fun!  PLUS, she has some great tips for the zipper that I NEVER would have thought of, so it is totally worth it to me!

I posted my pics on Facebook, so my mom saw them and has asked for one for her birthday (coming soon!).  That was just the excuse I needed to go to the craft store to buy more funky fabric.  I bought enough for 3 more bags!  Hee, hee!

My FB friends have been asking if I’m going to sell them.  Uh. No.  Probably not.  I’m just not that great at sewing, so it takes me a long time.  However, if you purchase her pattern, she gives you commercial use rights to it, so it could be a great investment if anyone wanted to open up an Etsy shop selling these things!!  Especially since my envelope sets fit so perfectly inside!  Hee, hee!

I’ll be sure to post more clutches as I finish them!!

On a slightly related side note:  Last night I was vacuuming in my socked feet when all of the sudden the soft little space between my big toe and the rest of my foot found a sewing needle that Cole had lost in the carpet.  It broke in HALF!!  I pulled the thick, sharp tip out of my foot (it hit bone) and found the other half in the carpet.  Then I felt the sticky blood oozing through my sock.  As I hobbled over to the bathroom to pull out the disinfectant and the band aids, I realized that NO ONE was home to appreciate the drama.  I had to take care of myself.  Just ONCE, I’d like to have someone else take care of me.  Is that too much to ask?  Unfortunately, by the time the boys came home I was feeling all better and my toe had stopped bleeding.  Fortunately, there is a nice, big bruise (or pooled blood or something like that) on the inside of my foot by my big toe, so at least I have a wound to show off.  Plus, I left the bloody sock on the counter for extra sympathy points (which were not delivered, by the way).

Ahem.  Back on topic.

So, have you sewed lately?  I’d love to be inspired by your projects, so link me up!!

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