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Last September, I declared that I was no longer a coupon virgin. You remember that?  Oh, I was so proud of that shopping trip!  When I look at how much I spent on that trip now, I just cringe!!  I could totally get that total down to less than $10, these days.  See, I’ve had a lot of practice, and I’ve learned a lot through trial and error.  I now realize that I should never pay more than .50¢ for a box of cereal (unless I really, really love the stuff), and that sales are cyclical.  I’ve had some total coupon scores (lots of them, actually) and some that were just plain nonsense (I mean, really? Who needs that many fruit snacks?  Check out all the JUNK!)

It has taken me a few months to pick up all of the tips and tricks of long-time couponers, and I’ve had a blast passing my knowledge on to my friends and sharing my triumphs with my blog readers.

I have to tell you that about 75% of what I have learned has been as a result of the Krazy Coupon Lady blog. When I first decided to try couponing, I read through their 10 Days to become a KCL blog series and felt a rush of excitement and energy.  I wanted to be like them!  I followed their principles and tried some of their scenarios, and SCORED!  Then, over the next few months, I kept reading their blog and soaking up the information they provided.  I learned things on my own through trial and error.  I discovered how to make couponing fit into my life without letting it totally consume me (it is terribly addicting!).

When The Krazy Coupon Lady (actually, two ladies: Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler) published their new paperback book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey, I wondered if I could learn anything new from it.  Would it even be worth it to purchase when I was already doing great couponing on my own?

I was given the opportunity to review the book, and I can wholeheartedly say, “YES!  The book is totally worth it.”  For brand new or on-the-fence couponers, it is essential.  You will learn in one book, what took me months to figure out on my own.  Are you already a Krazy Coupon Lady and you have friends and family who want to learn what you know?  Get them the book!

What did the book do for me?

  • It totally validated my desire to save my family hundreds of dollars a month by buying food at rock-bottom prices and stockpiling my pantry.
  • It made me realize that I need to work harder to stockpile my pantry!  These ladies have some great stockpiles, and I want to be like them!
  • It got me thinking about the way I organize my coupon binder.  I think I could do a better job!
  • It made me want to share the couponing love with all of my friends.  One poor friend came over while I was reading the book and I practically accosted her with my knowledge.  I thought she was turned off on the idea of couponing, but she called me a couple of days later to learn more.  She has since set up her binder and is learning the ropes!  Woot!
  • I also learned about what happens to coupons after I use them at the store.  The stores don’t lose money, they make money when I use my coupons, so they should be happy to see me.  I deserve respect!
  • I learned how to avoid fraudulent coupon practices so that couponing will be around for a long time.  I’d actually never heard of some of the bad practices they pointed out, but now that I am aware, I can be sure to avoid them.

What else?

  • The book is very well written, and includes fun, witty anecdotes that make it a quick read!  It’s one of those books that you can’t put down!
  • The book includes an index section which includes the coupon policies of all major grocery and drug stores in the US.  So cool!
  • So many people have misconceptions about couponing.  This book sets them straight!  If nothing else, it gives me the confidence to respond to people who make rude comments about my hobby.  Either that, or ignore them completely and rest confident in my knowledge that I know that I don’t feed my family junk, don’t spend a lot of time couponing, and I save hundreds of dollars a month.
  • The book is filled with funny comics depicting a KCL and her family.  I can totally relate to the one where it says, “You know you’re a Krazy Coupon Lady if . . . your husband offers you as a coupon tutor to his friends and you say he’s pimping you out.”  That happens to me ALL the time!  LOL!

Would you like to win your own copy of Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey? Now is your chance!!

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In the meantime, don’t forget to check out The Krazy Coupon Lady, subscribe to their blog, become a fan of them on FB, etc.  AND, go ahead and start reading through the 10 Days series.  It is awesome and will teach you SO much about couponing!!

AND, while you are here, check out my free cash envelope template and tutorial!!

This giveaway will end on Monday, March 29th!

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