My Pantry is Filling Up!

I love the look of nice, clean, organized store shelves.  Back when I was in college, I worked at Walgreens for one summer, and we had to reset the shelves before closing.  I pulled everything forward to make it look nice and neat.  During the school year, I worked in the college library, and spent a lot of time straightening the shelves and pulling the books forward to the edge.  I still do that at home on my own bookshelves.

After reading The Krazy Coupon Lady‘s book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey, I realized that I needed to work on my stockpile.  I’d been a bit lazy, and then I kinda-sorta did the “Eat From the Pantry” challenge, so my pantry was not lookin’ so good.  I was totally inspired by the idea of having so much food in my pantry that I would have to ask my husband to build shelves in the garage.  Not that I’m gonna do that, but I’d love to be like my friend Kristin H. who uses every spare inch of her home to stash food: the tops of her kids’ closets, the top shelf of her craft room, the top of her coat closet, etc.

WHY would I want to do that?  So that when I want to make spaghetti for dinner, I don’t have to run to the store and purchase a box of pasta for 99¢ (along with any number of impulse purchases).  Instead, I can just reach into my pantry and pull out the box of pasta that I paid .25¢ for back when it was on sale and I had a coupon.  For the record, local ladies, I have been building this slowly over the last few days!  I’m NOT the one who grabbed all of the coupons hanging in the isle.  {sob!}

OR, when we are running late and we have to get on the road, I can dump a packet of instant oatmeal (Free to .25¢ for a box of 10) into a mug and hand my kids a spoon instead of running through the McDonald’s drive through on my way out of town.  Get it?  YES, it is convenience food, but when you are running late, you need convenience.  Like, perhaps a (free/moneymaker to .25¢ for a box of 6) granola bar.  Yes, we do reach for the fruit first, but the boys love granola bars and oatmeal, and I love that they will eat breakfast if that is what I’m serving up.

Because I have a stockpile, I can freely and without hesitation, fill up a bag of groceries when I hear about a family in need because I know that I have enough to feed my own family.

You know that I love couponing!!  I love that I can feed my family on $50 (or less) per week.  I love that I don’t have to run to the store at the last minute to grab something and end up paying full price.  I love having a HUGE supply of fancy-schmancy bottom-friendly toilet paper.  I love that I no longer pay for toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, hair stylers, make-up (!!), granola bars, cereal, brownies, soup, oatmeal, etc, because it frees me up to buy fresh fruit and produce, meat and dairy, and pretty much anything else I want!  Plus, it’s SO much fun!!

I’ll leave you with a couple of recent scores.  I haven’t been too good about taking pictures, lately, but here are a couple that I DID capture!

I paid a little less than $6.00 Out of Pocket.  It kills me, because I SHOULD have paid less than $4.00, but I messed it up.  Hee, hee!

THIS trip was a little less than $4.00 Out of Pocket.  Man, milk is expensive!!  LOL!

Oh, and I have TOTALLY been enjoying all of you wonderful ladies who link me up to your grocery score pictures!!  It’s nice to know that I’m not the only weirdo who poses her food!!

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