I’m a Toilet Paper Snob

According to my Motivated Moms planner, I should have been replenishing the supply of toilet paper a couple of times over the last 2 weeks.  Easy to say, but tough to do when you don’t have any extra rolls of toilet paper on hand.  Pair that fact with a 3 year old who is NOT figuring out the whole bottom wiping thing and uses gaboons of TP every time he attempts it by himself.  (Side note: I always kinda mocked the moms who had to wipe their kid’s butt.  God decided to humble me.  “Okay, God!  I learned my lesson!  Can you help the kid out, now?”)

I had been waiting for a good stock-up toilet paper sale.  And, it can’t just be ANY toilet paper.  It has to be the good stuff.  I can’t stand the rough, cheap stuff.  I turned into a toilet paper snob a couple of years ago, and I’m fine with that.  But the sales?  Not happening, according to the coupon blogs.  And, as of this morning, we had reached critical stage.

So, I scoured the ads and went in search of a good TP sale myself.  It had to be at Rite Aid, though, because I had a $20 gift card from the Winter Gift Of Savings promotion.  (Woot!)

I spent a lot of time on this deal.  Way more time than I wanted to.  However, it worked out great!

Cole insisted on being in the picture.  Notice that he dressed himself on this fine, sunny day . . . with clothes that he pulled out of his dirty clothes basket.  Gross kid.  And, he’s sporting a scrape on his knee that was earned on this Rite Aid trip.  You can get a better look at the tear streak on his cheek in this photo.

Is he cute, or what?

But, back to the trip.

• On the TP – I used $1/1 MCs from the Sunday Paper a couple of weeks ago + $2/1 Rite Aid Video Rewards coupons, which made the TP $3.49 a pack. Cool.
• The M&Ms were .99¢ each (75% off Valentines clearance!  Total impulse buy. I may go back for more.)
• Nivea was FREE!  I had a raincheck from the BOGO Nivea deal a while back, plus BOGO coupons from the Sunday paper (a while back).  Stack them to make it free!
• I paid $1.28 for all 4 nailpolishes (but not really . . . read on).
• I paid $1.56 for all 8 Snickers bars – 19¢ each (but not really . . . read on)
• The HP Ink was $12.99  ($3 more than buying it direct from HP with free next day shipping), however, it was worth it to me (a total necessity – critical stage).

My Total before coupons for all of this stuff was $54.47.
– Minus the $5/$25 purchase Rite Aid IP (from Smartsource.com, I think)
– Minus $27.70 worth of Manufacturer’s Coupons
– Minus the $20 Gift of Savings Certificate
= I paid $6.77 out of pocket!! So . . . all that little stuff and the ink was FREE in my mind, and the fancy-shmancy bottom-friendly toilet paper was $1.69 a pack.

I’m riding the coupon high!

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