Wallet Giveaway!

Remember that little envelope template and tutorial that I posted a while back? Well, it’s received a bit of attention (understatement of the year) and continues to bring in readers looking for information about and envelopes for using the cash system.  I receive thank you emails and comments on that post every day, and I just LOVE that it is making a difference for so many people.

One of those people was my new friend Natalie McMurry.  She linked me up to her pretty envelopes and showed off a wallet that she sewed to go along with her move to the cash system.  I LOVED her wallet, so she said she wanted to send me one as a thank you!  Wahoooooooo!  I love presents.  I told her that I like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Micheal Miller, Sandi Henderson type fabric (aka “the funk” – you can’t buy that stuff at yo mama’s fabric store).  She DELIVERED!!

I was thrilled out of my mind, giddy with excitement, and falling head over heals every time I looked at it.  You think I’m exaggerating, don’t you?  Nope.  And, it kinda goes with my Amy Butler swing bags that I made a while back!

ANYWHO!  Of course, my pretty-pink-princess-fancy-schmancy envelopes wouldn’t work with this new wallet, so I just HAD to make some new ones with my friends Sarah and Chauntel yesterday.


Okay, enough about me and my {wonderful} wallet.  Let’s talk about the giveaway!

Natalie decided to open up an Etsy store!! Eeeeeeeek!!  I LOVE Etsy.  Love it.  It is the place to buy all things handmade!  Crafty types set up their own online stores on Etsy and then sell their wares.  Check out is super easy through PayPal.  You can find the most unique stuff there.  I confess that I have purchased fabric, patterns, a camera strap cover and jewelry on Etsy, and I have my favorite stores that I like to check out when money is burning a hole in my pocket.  What I really appreciate is knowing that my purchase is supporting a small-time entrepreneur – lots of stay-at-home-moms sell on Etsy.  You really should check it out if you are not already addicted!

Natalie’s store is called Bluebonnets To Peaches and she is currently selling these adorable wallets with matching handbags!!  YOU MUST GO LOOK!  Seriously cute.  She’s offering free shipping when you purchase 2 or more items, so you might as well get the matching bag to go along with your wallet, right?  I was so excited to see that Natalie already sold a wallet/handbag combo on her very first day!!  Yay, Natalie!

Look at what she is giving away to one of my blog readers:

The fabric is Michael Miller Carnival Bloom Brown and the lining is Michael Miller Cha Cha Stripe Watermelon.  (I just bought this fabric, Natalie.  You inspired me!)

I know, you are all wondering if a set of envelopes comes with the wallet, right?  I decided that IF we can get at least 100 contest entries, then I will make a set of matching envelopes!!

How do you win?

  • Just leave a comment telling me how gorgeous these wallets are.

Want another shot?

  • Twitter (and link to) this giveaway.  Maybe you could say something like this:  @KelleighRatz is giving away a Wallet by #etsy seller Bluebonnets to Peaches! http://kelleighratzlaff.com/headline/wallet-giveaway/
  • Link to this post on Facebook!  Just click the “Link” button under your status update and paste the URL of this post.  You can even choose your picture that you want to display and tell your friends that you are entering the giveaway.

Please leave a NEW COMMENT each time you give yourself another entry!  I will choose a winner next Monday, March 8th!  PLENTY of time to get up to 100 entries, right?  I’d better get busy making some envelopes!!

This giveaway is now closed!!  Congrats to our winner!

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