Quaker Coupon Giveaway!!

Winners have been chosen and notified!!  Thanks for entering, everyone!!  Happy Couponing!

Ladies and gentlemen, the ginormous Albertson’s Quaker Oatmeal Sale has arrived!! Or, it will be pretty huge starting on Friday, anyway.

As you all know, I’m typically a Safeway shopper.  If I had a Safeway and an Albertson’s close by, I’d be the luckiest couponer out there, but I’m pretty content with what I have.  Besides, I am more than willing, and it’s totally worth it to me, to drive ALL the way (25 min) to my closest Albertson’s when there is a serious stock-up sale.  Remember all the free veggies in October and again in November?  Aw, yeah.

Well, starting Friday it is time to stock up on the super-cheap/could-be-a-major-moneymaker-if-there-are-doubles Quaker Oatmeal.

Coupon blogs are all abuzz about the DEAL, but let me link you up to the Frugal Living NW post that explains the whole thing.  There ya go.

Nutshell: There is a Catalina promotion, AND a super sale, PLUS a magnificent manufacturer’s coupon.  If we get doublers on Sunday (crossing fingers!!) then this is going to be a $2.50 moneymaker!!!!!  Eeek!  Imagine that!!  {my exclamation points are not doing my excitement justice}

I’m going to be seriously stockpiling both Old Fashioned Quaker Oats (the big canisters) and Peaches and Cream Instant Oatmeal. Yum.  I already called my store to place a special order.  (McMinnville – I talked to Josh. He rocks. And he’s holding my stuff in the back until I can get there on Monday. And, he’s ordering more Peaches and Cream, just for me!!)  “Seriously stockpiling” for me = 6 canisters of Old Fashioned Oats and 14 boxes of Peaches and Cream.  What can I say?  We are a family of 4, so the Old Fashioned should last us a year (unless I keep making the yummy bread I just discovered!), and the boxes should last us from 3 to 6 months . . . or until the next instant oatmeal coupon/sale comes around . . . and it will.

Want to know what is really kinda funny?  I missed the Quaker sale last year because my newspaper (The Statesman Journal) did not get the Quaker coupons.  I vowed NOT to miss this year’s sale.  No matter what, I was going to get my hands on some Quaker coupons.  So, when I heard that The Oregonian received the Quaker coupon in the 1/2 RP, I quickly flipped through my Statesman and didn’t see any. I immediately jumped on the computer and purchased some off of ebay.  Then, a couple of hours later, as I was delivering the papers that I dive for to my friend, I told her that I bought some Quaker coupons.  She looked at me like I was a weirdo and then flipped RIGHT to the Quaker coupon in the Statesman.  So, yeah. I missed it.

And now, I have extra Quaker coupons!!

I figured you all might be interested in a giveaway!!

First of all, you MUST live near or have access to an Albertson’s.  I want the winners to be able to take full advantage of the awesome sale.

TWO winners will win five (5) $1/1 Quaker Coupons.

To enter:

Leave a comment here on my blog with a link to your favorite Coupon Blog and tell me why you like them so much!!

Winners will be picked Thursday morning at about, say, 8:00am.  Or, maybe when I get back from Bible Study. We’ll see.  I hope to get the coupons in the mail no later than Friday morning, but preferably by Thursday afternoon, or as soon as the winners get back to me with their addresses.

Winners have been chosen and notified!! Thanks for entering, everyone!! Happy Couponing!

Good luck, ladies!!  And, remember to call ahead to special order your oatmeal!!  I’d hate for you to make a trip just to look at empty shelves!

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