Our Disneyland Experience: The Planning Stage – Tickets

Yesterday, I shared our thoughts behind our Disneyland budget, so let’s break that down.

We’ll start with Tickets:  We chose 5-day park hopper passes for 2 adults ($290 each) and 2 children under 10 ($270 each) = $1120 (plus a $5 shipping and handling charge)

I think there are some discounts out there, especially if you live in Southern California, but if you live outside California, just save your inner nerd a little stress and pay what is listed on the website.  I looked and looked, and the only way I would save a little bit of money was to have my California resident cousin purchase tickets using a special savings club she belongs to, then I would pay her back.  The ticket place she would go through would not take a debit card in my name, since I wasn’t part of the savings club.  It was a major hassle for a savings of about $80, total.  YES, that is a lot of money, but it was totally not a battle I was willing to fight.

Can you do the trip well for fewer than 5 days?  Yes.  In the middle of Day 3, while my children were fighting in line for the bajillionth time, I wondered why we didn’t just do 3-day Park Hopper passes.  However, by the end of Day 5, I was seriously considering adding on a 6th day (which you can do if you purchase the upgrade before the end of your last day – and it’s pretty cheap, too).

My advice is to stay for as long as you can afford, but shoot for 5 days.  In 5 days, we were able to ride every ride that was open and every show at BOTH parks except for Peter Pan’s Flight (which has insanely long lines for the entire day if you don’t catch it in the first 10 minutes of the day).  We actually checked off the last of our list on the morning of Day 5.  However, we also went on our favorite rides over and over and over and over.

Next, we’ll talk about trip timing!

Question time:  How long was your Disneyland trip?  Were you able to see and experience everything you wanted to experience? Would you have changed your trip length?  Share in the comments so that everyone can learn from your experience!

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