Our Disneyland Experience: Our Favorite Disney Apps

Well, I’m FINALLY writing about my favorite part of our Disneyland experience!  You know: Actually GOING there!

I’ve already filled you in on our Disneyland budget, our Park-Hopper ticket choice, our trip timing and our hotel choice, and our drive to Disneyland.  Let’s get there, already!

As I mentioned, on our first day, we drove from my sister’s house, checked into our hotel, then walked over to the park, arriving about an hour after they opened the gates.

Our first day was a Sunday, and MAN, oh man, was it crowded!!  The locals come out on the weekends, and they come in droves.  I will say that they are super friendly.  They aren’t jaded or grumpy.  They LOVE Disneyland and want you to love it, too, so although there were massive crowds, they were friendly crowds.  Another bonus is that they use the MouseWait app much more than out of towners.  MouseWait is a great app when the park is crowded, because the more people who use it, the more accurate it is.  Basically, you share your wait times.  We jumped into the Matterhorn line when the sign said 25 minutes because someone using MouseWait reported a 15 minute wait just moments before.  I timed it, and sure enough, the wait ended up being 17 minutes.  I shared my wait time to the benefit of the next person looking for a shorter line!

I loved using our iPhone apps in the park.  While MouseWait was awesome on Sunday (the crowded day), it wasn’t as useful on the other days of our visit because very few people were using it.  I came to depend on the Lines app by Touring Plans, and the Disney Parks Mobile Magic app, which is the official app of Disneyland.

Here is a breakdown of my favorite apps and what I liked about them:

MouseWait – Great for crowded days and evenings when the locals are in the park.  Not as useful during the day when it isn’t very crowded.  Gives accurate wait times!!  You can stand in line for one ride and scope out your next ride on your app, making your “which ride next?” question much more efficiently answered.  The more people who use it, the more accurate it is.

Lines by Touring Plans – Touring Plans is an awesome website which not only shows you what the crowds are predicted to be like during your trip, but also tells you what order to do the rides in to maximize your day and minimize your wait in line.  I upgraded to the premium plan so I could play with the order of things and just basically mess around and personalize my plan.  It was fun, but not necessary.  We used the Touring Plans for the Whole Family as a reference, but since we went to Disneyland when crowd levels were low, we eventually just did our own thing.  I could see it being a lifesaver if you went during the summer months, though.  Anyway, they also have an app called Lines.  I LOVE it.  Not only can I access my personalized plans, but once I am using the app in the park it will refresh and optimize the plan based on my location and the time of day.  AWESOME.  That saved our bacon several times.  One of my favorite parts of the app, though, is that it shows the restaurant menus and prices.  So, basically, I could be standing in line for a ride while scoping out the restaurants and checking out the menu and prices.  We never had a “where do you want to eat?”, “I don’t know. Where do you want to eat?” moment.  Lifesaver and marriage saver, I tell ya.

Mobile Magic by Disney Parks – I loved Mobile Magic!!  I loved being able to tick off the rides in each park as we did them, so I knew which ones we hadn’t hit, yet.  I loved that the wait times posted on the signs were the same ones that were posted on the app (no confusion).  I loved that it has a calendar of the day’s events so I didn’t lose track of when the shows were.  I love that it shows the bathrooms! I loved that I had a mini map in my hand that is so pretty and colorful!  We referred to it while cuddling on the couch for weeks ahead of time. So very Disney!

See there?  I’ve totally gone off on a tangent again.  Ah, so much to share!!

Next up, I’ll talk about Pin Trading – our new obsession.

But first, did I miss an app that you just loved?  Share in the comments!  Tell us all about it!


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