A Bible in 90 Days Invitation

This morning I had the exciting, nerve-wracking privilege of standing up in front of my church to share about our upcoming Bible in 90 Days All-Church Challenge, which starts one week from today! I had been waiting for the chance to share my heart for this challenge for the longest time . . . or since August when I declared my desire to bring the challenge to Dallas.  I felt anxious to share information, address fears and shoot down objections, but I also wanted people to see my passion for the Bible and the mind-blowing power of His Word!  How do you do that in 3 minutes on a stage in front of hundreds with your tummy rolling and your voice and hands shaking?  I’m just hoping that God used my words, or at least the conviction in my voice, to inspire others to read, intentionally, every word of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  This is what I said:  (with just a teensy bit of ad-lib)

I read through the Bible from cover to cover for the first time from July 5th to September 30th, 2010 in 88 days. Before taking on the challenge, I figured that I had read most of the Bible, but I couldn’t tell you that I had read the entire thing.  I did a lot of jumping around from book to book in my 30 years of being a Christian, but it was always a goal of mine to read God’s entire Word.

See I love to read.  I’m constantly reading.  I can read a super thick book in a single day, and yet the idea of reading the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation was intimidating.

In fact it was a lofty goal, a pedestal goal, something that I was sure would take me a full year to accomplish since all I ever saw were one year plans.  And, I had tried those one year plans in the past, only to give up a few months in.

When I heard about the Bible in 90 Days challenge, I figured that I could do anything for 90 days. The more I looked into it, I realized that it was only 12 pages a day, or just 6 pages, front and back. It would take me about 30-45 minutes to read each day, and I could do that all at once, or break my reading up throughout the day.  Totally manageable!

So, I committed to read, intentionally, every word of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and asked others to hold me accountable.

What I discovered is how ALL CONSUMING the Bible in 90 Days challenge is … but in an awesome way. When I read like this, my mind is on the Lord all day long. I’m constantly thinking about reading my Bible; from the moment I get up in the morning to the moment I go to sleep. One of the things I love about reading at this pace is that I can’t help but be focused on the Lord!

By reading with purpose, while my mind is fully engaged, I have been able to read the drier chapters of the Bible and still take personal life applications and thoughts away from my time in The Word.  I see the completeness of God’s story: all of the puzzle pieces fitting together and the history of His family coming alive.

I like this quote by Dwight Moody. He said, “When I study the Bible, I prepare myself to talk to others.  When I read the Bible, God talks to me.”

One of my fellow B90 readers said, “We don’t read the Bible in these large portions because we are amazing super saints. We do it because we are curious, or because we are flawed human beings desperately in need of our Lord.”

Does that describe you? Are you a flawed human being desperately in need of your Lord?

·      If you want to feel a real passion for scripture,

·      If you want to see the unfolding of God’s plan from the beginning to the end,

·      If you want a deeper connection with God, and you long to be close to God and feel his presence,

I would encourage you to join the challenge.

Maybe you are a new Christian or perhaps you are still seeking.  This program is perfect for you. In fact, the founder of the Bible in 90 Days ministry was an atheist when he set out to read the Bible in 90 days, and he became a believer before he even reached the New Testament.

The Holy Spirit moved in his life and the Holy Spirit wants to move in your life, too.

When I think about all that God has accomplished in my life as a result of spending so much time with Him, I get excited when I picture our church 90 Days from now.  You know what I think will happen?  I think that families will be strengthened, marriages will be restored, and we will experience a fire and a passion for ministry in Dallas and around the World.

God is going to do some powerful work in our lives!  Join us as we take on the challenge of reading every word of the Bible in 90 Days!

Did you miss out on the Bible in 90 Days Challenge happening over at Mom’s Toolbox? Would you like to join in? Our church has set up a Facebook page to encourage one another as we read through the Bible in 90 Days starting on February 27th (next Sunday).  Anyone and everyone, from our home town and around the world, is invited to join us.  If you would like accountability (and who wouldn’t?), please sign up on the Bible in 90 Days page at Grace Community Church’s website.  We’d love to pray for you and encourage you.

Please leave a comment on the page or here in the comments if you are joining us!!  I’d love to know!

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