The Bible in 90 Days: Thoughts on Overcoming Objections

The last time I posted about reading through the Bible in 90 Days was just before my computer died, so I didn’t get to post a reminder just before my church started the challenge on February 27th!  Sorry about that.  Hopefully those of you who are participating are on track!!  Don’t forget to Like our page on Facebook so you can see reminders and participate in the discussion!! And, it really isn’t too late to join!!  I bet you could catch up faster than you would think!

I thought I’d do a little blog series about things that are on my heart throughout the challenge.  I don’t really know what to call it yet, because ideas are just sort of popping into my head without any rhyme or reason. You’ll forgive me though, right?

Today I want to talk about overcoming objections, because unfortunately these ideas have been ruling my thoughts for the past week.  I suppose this may turn into a place to vent, although I sincerely just want to share what is on my heart.  So, if I say something that offends you, I apologize in advance and hope we can open up a dialogue.

The back story: I first heard about B90 through some Tweets I saw on Twitter.  I wanted to know what these gals were talking about, so I clicked around and discovered that they were talking about reading through the Bible in 90 Days.  I was immediately inspired by the idea and kind of sad that I had missed the boat.  I just knew that I didn’t want to miss out on the next start date.

Fast forward: I was reading one of my regular blogs and the author mentioned that she would be joining the next B90 Challenge, hosted by Moms Toolbox, and she invited us to participate.  I was excited and a little bit nervous, so I read through the comments of that post to see what others were saying about the challenge.  Several comments were positive and coming from women who were just as excited to finally read through the Bible as I was.  One comment, however, stuck out to me.  It was from a woman who admonished the blog author that reading through the Bible that quickly was a poor idea.  I don’t remember her exact words, but the gist was that we wouldn’t “get anything” out of reading the whole Bible in 90 Days, and it was better to take a year or more (and she gave examples of how she was doing it with her kids as part of her homeschool curriculum in the next 2 years).  She said that it would be dishonoring to God to read through that quickly.

Talk about a punch in the gut!  This came from a Christian woman, so naturally I thought about it and stewed on it, wondering if there was something to her opinion.  Would I be dishonoring God by taking 3 months to read the Bible instead of a whole year or more?  Would I be reading God’s Word the WRONG WAY?

Soapbox moment:


Would I be dishonoring God by reading His Word? Absurd.  My father in heaven has been longing for me to come and sit with him and let him tell me his story.  He has been waiting for me to give him more than 10 minutes out of my day . . . and to give it consistently and wholeheartedly rather than in spurts of guilt ridden fervor.  I firmly believe that God feels honored when I read His message, whether I’m reading 12 verses or 12 pages.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am an avid reader.  I can’t stop myself from reading. I’m currently reading 2 books, a bunch of  magazines, and I’m ahead on the Bible in 90 Days challenge . . . because I am passionate!  I can’t STOP reading God’s Word!!  I get caught up in his history, his holiness, his passion for his people, and I can’t help but keep going to find out more and sit with Him a while longer.  My Bible is my lifeline to God!!  I love it.  I have to have it.  I am addicted to it.  Don’t tell me that I’m reading my Bible too passionately.  And, don’t tell me to slow down.

I’m feeling defensive.  As if MY GOD needs me to defend him. Pshaw!

Last week, I was sitting at a table and a friend swept into the room, sat next to me and proclaimed, “I am loving this challenge!”  Eyes sparkling, excitement in her voice . . . she felt it.  God was working.  Moments later, another friend sat with us and joined our discussion.  Passion and excitement took over.  What a joy to read God’s Word! And then a fourth gal joined us.  I asked her if she was participating in the challenge, and she immediately puckered up her face in distaste.

Oh, my heart!

Her mouth spilled forth reasons why she isn’t reading with us: Because we can’t get much out of it when we read that fast.  Because the Bible should be read like a piece of poetry and savored and not rushed through.  She can see reading a chapter a day, but not the whole thing in 3 months.

I sat there in silence, letting her speak her mind, resisting the temptation to defend my God.  If I had said anything at that moment, she would have felt defensive herself, and I didn’t want that.  Besides, my thoughts were all jumbled up because I was in such shock that a fellow Christian was telling me that God couldn’t speak to me if I read his word too quickly.  That I was doing it wrong.  Intellectually, I know that she was justifying her reasons to herself, but my heart was crushed nonetheless.

Soapbox moment:

Don’t tell me that my God CAN’T teach me anything when I read His Word with passion.  I have never felt so in tune with God and so receptive to His teachings as I do when I am reading intently and intentionally.  Even better, I’m reading stories and passages that are rarely preached on in church and Sunday school.  God is showing me several new things each day.  What does that mean?  It means that my mind is FULLY on Him throughout the day because I can’t help but think about His Word and His teachings!!!  (Amen, and whew!!)  Oh, by the way, I’m believing God (for you fellow Beth Moore Bible Study peeps!).

I need to get down off of my soapbox, I know.  I am a woman of passion (just count how many times I have typed that word in this blog post and you will understand), and I can’t help wanting to spread a passion for God’s Word.

I do hope that if you have encountered people who have rolled their eyes or have been less-than-thrilled at your interest in reading the entire Bible that you are able to keep your wits about you and not lash out defensively.  I admit that the overwhelmingly snarky part of me wants to say, “Get behind me, Satan!” right to pucker-faced lady’s face . . . but then, that would be rather dramatic, wouldn’t it?  And, certainly not what a good Christian lady should do.  :) In my mind, though, I know that Satan doesn’t want me to read the Bible and doesn’t want me to tell others about my experience.  Unfortunately, Satan is using those pucker faced Negative Nellys in our lives to discourage us from growing in our walk with the Lord.  Wouldn’t those Nellys be appalled to know that?  I certainly would.

Any thoughts from you?  I know that I could be opening up a can of worms by asking for input, but I do want to open dialogue.  Have you had to overcome objections, or are you the one objecting?


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