You Don’t Have to Be a Genius: How I learned to be an extreme couponer

We have already established that you don’t have to be a genius to be an extreme couponer. But, thanks!

We all have the skills to do it.

It just takes commitment. You have to actually DO IT.  You can’t just cut a coupon and expect to save money.  It doesn’t work that way at all!

The night my friend Kristin revealed how little she spent on groceries (by extreme couponing) I was so intrigued that I immediately went home and started looking up the blogs she mentioned.  I remember that she talked about Hip 2 Save, Money Saving Mom, Frugal Living NW and The Krazy Coupon Lady, specifically.  SO, I started reading.  And reading.  And reading.

Thankfully, I started with The Krazy Coupon Lady and found their 10 Days to Become a KCL blog series.  It is a FREE blog series that is designed for the total newbie (or coupon virgin).  Needless to say, it didn’t take me 10 days to read it!  That night, I told my husband that I wanted to try couponing and stockpiling.  He was totally supportive (wonderful man!).  On Sunday, I bought 4 newspapers, and my journey began!

The Krazy Coupon Lady (ladies, actually) have a hardcover book called Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.  It is awesome, and it wonderful for someone who doesn’t want to sit in front of the computer all day to learn the tips and tricks of couponers.  Plus, you can pass it around and infect your friends with the coupon bug.  It’s always more fun to share your coupon brags with friends who understand!

SO, if you want to learn how to become an extreme couponer, visit KCL. Really.

Now that you know how to coupon, you have to actually put your knowledge into practice.  I don’t know about you, but I learn much better by DOING.  It’s time to grab your coupons and go to the store.

But wait!  What deal are you going to do?  You can’t just go to the store, with your children in tow, and pull out your little envelope of coupons searching for a good deal.  (Oh, heavens.  That stresses me out just to type that and imagine you in that state!)

You have to find a great scenario . . .

Next up: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let me introduce you to Coupon Blogs!

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