Laminated Cash Envelopes!

I’m so excited about the new service that I am offering in my Etsy shop! I bought a laminator (on Amazon with Swagbucks!!), so I have been laminating my little heart out.  So much fun!  The laminated cash envelopes turn out so nice, and I’m so proud of their sturdiness.

Last night I laminated two sets of cash envelopes that I sold yesterday, and I was SO impressed at how they turned out that I just HAD to show you.

This particular paper is already very thick and sturdy, but by getting them laminated, the new owner can be confident that it will hold up for years!

Check out that glitter!! Yes, the lamination makes the glitter on some of the envelope sets just pop! So pretty!

I decided to add the labels after laminating the sets so that if your budget changes over the next few years you can just peel the label off and put a new one on. At least, I think you can peel. In theory, I suppose.  However, the glue I used is super strong and I was amazed at how well the paper adhered to the plastic! Very cool.

I designed these sets so that the flap can be inserted into the checkbook slot or large slot of your wallet as shown.

However, my personal wallet actually has the slot on the opposite side, so for my set I just flip the insert over and slip it in!

The cool thing is that now that we are dealing with a laminated set, you really could just toss the whole set right into your purse without having it in your wallet. Of course, if you want it to last longer, you’ll protect it from the contents of your purse by putting it in a wallet or maybe a clutch, but you technically COULD!

Have you checked out my Etsy shop lately?  I’ve been working on filling it up!  I added 6 new sets yesterday, then cut out another 9 last night (which I’m hoping to work on tonight). I have more paper waiting to be cut, plus I’ll be buying even more with that Groupon I purchased yesterday!!

I’m having so much fun with Etsy, guys! I wish I had discovered it long ago! What an amazing place!! Go check it out!

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