The Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon: A new PR!

I’m plopping this here on my blog more for ME than anyone else!  Saturday was a big day for me, so I hope you don’t mind if I record it for posterity!  I use Oh Life! as an online journal to record my days so that I don’t forget things, and sometimes I write in “stream of consciousness.”  I hope you will forgive the spelling and grammar and total disorganization here!

Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon!!

We woke up, got dressed and were out the door in record time.  We had a fun, relaxing drive to the race, got a great parking spot, picked up our awesome swag bags and bibs, took pictures, and were ready to go!  I entered the costume contest, which was pretty fun, and we saw Tina and her friend before the race.  I had to go to the bathroom at the VERY last minute!  Crazy.  But, I made it to the rolling start with Mitch and Tina in time.


I felt pretty good going out, and soon Mitch was VERY far ahead and I didn’t see him again until the finish line.  I have no idea what my pace was, since my Runkeeper GPS wasn’t working quite right.  However, I know I was doing better in the beginning than at the end.  Probably right around a 9:00 mile pace.

The course was gorgeous, with a lot of beautiful autumn leaves, creek and river views, and fog lifting off the hills.  I hardly noticed the small inclines peppered throughout the course.

At about mile 8, my knees started hurting and my stomach was giving me problems.  I took a Gu to keep my energy up, and that did help my energy, but it didn’t fix the legs!  I kept going, though, and felt good about my effort.

I don’t want to forget the couple (gal wearing a pink skirt and husband in his white compression socks) that I kept in front of me most of the time, the man in the green shirt that I was drafting behind and Chi Runner.  I ended up behind pink skirt, green shirt, and Chi, but in front of white socks at the finish line.


People recognized my costume as Chewbacca!  At one point, a group of tutu gals were behind me and I heard one of them yell, “Hey, it’s Chewbacca!”  Then, I heard, “Chewbacca!” and I raised my arm and pumped it.  They cheered!  They caught up and passed me and told me that they loved my costume.  It was pretty fun to run in costume, and not a problem at all.  Nothing came off!  The weather was perfect, so I didn’t get too hot, either.  I am very glad I took my handheld water, since I drank the whole thing and had them fill it with cups at two aid stations.

I loved the bridge and band at mile 9 (I think it was) and all of the Harley riders out at the turns, keeping us on course.  The aid stations were very fun, as most of the volunteers dressed up in costumes.
I was in real pain by about 10 miles, but determined to get through this with a respectable time.  There was a man in front of me who was WALKING while I was “running”, and we were going at the same pace.  HA!  However, the goal was to be mentally tough this time, and so I kept running!!

By mile 12, I knew that I had not made my goal of 2:10, but I wanted to make sure I PRed, so I tried to pick up my pace.  PAIN!!  I think this was a real gut check time for me, and I’m proud of myself for not giving up or slowing down.  I did actually run faster, picturing one mile on my runs back home and realizing that one mile is really not that far.  I could totally do this.  Of course, I was still praying out loud, “God, get me through this!  Help!”  Hee, hee!

Prince Charming was behind me with his Cinderella being totally annoying, but he did keep telling her that the finish line was just around the corner, so I keyed in on that and pushed hard.  I finally saw the finish line arch and looked for Mitch, whom I was sure had come in about 5 minutes ahead of me (uh, no!).


I saw him, he took pictures, and I was SO excited!  It meant a lot to have him at the finish line with me!!  They announced my name as I came through, which was SO exciting!  I ended up finishing in 2:12:08, and Mitch came in at 1:57. I am still SO proud and amazed and excited for Mitch!!  He busted his goal of a sub-2:00 finish.  I didn’t quite make my goal of sub 2:10, but I’m happy with my effort and feel good about what I accomplished, for SURE!


We hung out at the finish line for a while, got some food (although not much, because my stomach was giving me REAL problems), and I picked up my participation prize for the costume contest which was an awesome pink pepper spray and some sunglasses.  I don’t know if they had 1,2,3 prizes, but I was not expecting such a great participation prize!

We went back to the car and changed as best as we could, then drove back to Grant’s second soccer game in Keizer.  We arrived right after they finished (and won – still undefeated), and we were able to celebrate with our boys and Mitch’s parents!

Mitch surprised me with my first professional massage (oh, wow!!) and we enjoyed a still evening laying on the couch eating pizza and watching Survivor with the boys.  A wonderful day, and one I won’t soon forget!

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