Paper Flower Pieces Tutorial (and a FREEBIE!)

Back when I first started creating cutting files to go along with my papercraft template sets, I realized that I would need to offer a free template so that my potential customers could test out their digital die cutting machine to make sure my cut files would work for them.  I had been playing with creating my own paper flowers for a while, so I decided to make it easier on myself by putting together a set of cutting files that could be opened all at once and cut all at once without a lot of messing around with resizing.  What a perfect, simple freebie to offer to my potential customers!!

I called my freebie Paper Flower Pieces . . . because that is what they are!  Feel free to grab the template!  It comes in SVG, DXF, JPG, PNG and PSD, plus I included a PDF for you non-digi types!  Covered all my bases!  Essentially, what I’m telling you is that you do NOT need to own a digital die cut machine to use any of my templates!!  You can cut them out by hand (which is actually what I do 75% of the time, anyway!).  AND, you do not even have to have Photoshop to use my templates.  If you open up the PDF “lines only” version, you can simply print it out on a piece of paper that you have in your stash.  Easy!

I’d like to lead you through the steps to creating a gorgeous paper flower that will rival anything that you might buy in a scrapbooking store.

Check it out!

I recommend using cardstock for these flowers because it is sturdy and can stand up to being very wet and handled quite a bit.  You could print digital paper onto matte photo paper, however you will have to handle your flowers very gently since you are dealing with a thin layer of ink over paper.  The ink might bleed and it will definitely crackle.  Be prepared for a grungy look if you go the hybrid route. It does look cool, though!

First, cut out the flowers.  In the template, I have provided 9 flowers in 3 graduating sizes, which is exactly what you will need to make a pretty flower.  Obviously, the easiest way to cut the flowers is by pushing the “cut” button on your machine, but you can always cut by hand or even use a flower shaped punch if you have one in 3 sizes!

Now, stack your flowers and poke a hole in the middle of each set.  I used a small nail and hammer, but you could always use a pin!

Poke a brad through the middle and fan the layers as shown.  You will want to use a little brad for this part.  You can always remove it later and switch it out with something more elegant!

Use a small spray bottle to spritz your flower with water.  You could always just run it under a faucet, though!  Spray both sides until they are very wet!

Now the scrunching begins!  Start in the middle with the smallest flower and scrunch it up close to the brad as shown.  Pinch, pinch, pinch!

You will need to keep spraying the flower with water to soften up the flowers as you scrunch!

Pinch it in the middle, nice and tight as you keep adding layers.

Squeeze, crinkle, wrinkle!!  Pinch it like a Hershey’s Kiss in your fingers! (Oh, but be gentle, because it could tear . . . which is actually okay!)

Now, begin working from the outside layer into the middle to separate and curl the petals.  I use a piercing tool or a pin to “grab” the layers as I go.

Repeat the pulling out and curling process throughout the remaining layers.

When you have messed with it and you like what you see, it’s time to let the flower dry.  You could let it air dry (which could take or hit it with your heat gun, like I did!  Be aware the the heat gun could “burn” the edges of your flower!  RUSTIC!!

Done! At this point, you can dress your flower up with some glimmer mist, glitter the edges of the petals, change out the brad or cover it with some bling!

I used this flower on my Standing Pillow Box Template Set.

If you like what you see, please pin it!  :)

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