Orange Peel Potpourri

It’s a play date day at the Ratzlaff house!! This is just a little way that I keep my sanity while the boys are out of school.  Yes, I said keep my sanity, because if you have ever had a play date (with well-behaved children, mind you) then you understand how nicely they occupy one another.  The television stays off, boredom does not have a chance to set in, and all they really need is periodic snacks.  So nice.  It’s a bonus when the guests are nice to the little brother.  Actually, it’s a requirement if they are going to be allowed to come to our house. :)

This has given me a chance to do a little baking, do a little laundry and do a little reading.  So wonderful!

AND, since I have time on my hands, I thought I would show you what I’ve been doing for the past few days to spice things up around here.  Well, it smells spicy anyway!

Oranges are in season (wahoo!), and super cheap at the grocery store lately.  I think Safeway has them for 49¢/lb, which is about 3-4 oranges per lb.  Not only are they excellent for the toe of the stocking, but they are inexpensive, healthy snacks!!

And, what do we do with the peels when we are all done?

Make Orange Peel Potpourri!!

All you need is this:

Basically, just some orange peels and spices.  I’ve been using whole allspice, cloves and cinnamon sticks.

Then, you just add water and let it simmer on the stove!  Remember to keep adding water so it doesn’t dry out, and I just remove a few old peels when I add fresh ones.  The house smells wonderful!

Other ideas for orange peels:

  • Let them dry out on the counter (or over a heat register in the family room) overnight to freshen up the house.
  • Another way to dry orange peels: put them in a paper bag in your car.  Wonderful air freshener! Just make sure the peels get plenty of air circulation and don’t forget that they are in there!
  • THEN, you can put them in a bowl as dry potpourri or crumble them up to allow them to let off more fresh scent.
  • Zest the orange peels to use in yogurt, baking (yummy in scones and cookies) or cooking. I made a yummy orange chicken last night!!
  • Put the orange peels and some ice cubes down to garbage disposal to clean it and give it a fresh scent.
  • Rub the peel around your kitchen sink to clean it!  I love to do this with lemons, too!

What else can you do with orange peels?

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