No-Sew Super Hero Cape!

My son is obsessed with Nacho Libre. It’s truly hysterical. He will start the movie and then act out the final “Big Match” (scene 20) wrestling scene against Ramses over and over and over. ACT out. Like, he will do crazy flips and throw himself on the floor and everything. He climbs up on the arm of the big chair, puts his arms up in a high A and dives off just like Nacho did when he hurled himself at Ramses.

He desperately wants a Nacho Libre costume, but they only come in adult sizes.  He wants me to make one for him. I’m on the lookout for some light blue girls stretchy pants or sweats. “No, Chancho! I would never leave you! I just need to borrow some sweats!”

I decided that I could at least get started on his costume by making him a cape. This is the second one I’ve made, so I figured I would share my process with you!

I chose an old t-shirt that was my husband’s, so it is an XL.

My t-shirt doesn’t have seams up the side, so it was kind of difficult to know where to cut, but I winged it. No biggie.

I had my son try it on before trimming the length.  I cut it to hit the back of his knees.

My first cape is shaped a bit differently at the top. This works, though.

Cole had to test it out . . .

He likes it!  I thought he was saying, “Yes!” however he told me that he was acting out a wresting move. Then, he ran inside the house and reenacted scene 20. :)

Um, by the way, that is NOT Spiderman. Spiderman doesn’t wear a cape, silly.  That is Nacho.

So is this:

Because Nacho wears his underwear over the top of his tights.


YES, I am the mom accompanied by a child wearing a costume all around town.  He may look like Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman or a Storm Trooper, but he is definitely Nacho Libre.  I do make him take his outer underwear off before we head to the grocery store, though.  My superhero is with me wherever I go!

Oh, he’s gonna love me in 10 years when his friends discover my blog!!  :)

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