No Bake Christmas Cookies!

I love Christmas cookies!  

I love, love, love them.  Seriously.

I love a plate full of different kinds of cookies to tantalize the tastebuds.  What I don’t like is slaving away in the kitchen as I bake a variety of sweet treats.  It takes me HOURS, people, and it’s super expensive to buy all of the different ingredients for the different types of cookies.  Am I right?

What’s better than slaving away in the kitchen?  How about having a variety of beautiful, yummy cookies delivered to your front door?  That’s what happened to me recently, and I was SO excited!!


My friend, Jennifer Graham, started baking for other people probably a year or two ago.  (I didn’t interview her for this post.  I’m just using my sometimes inaccurate memory.)  I saw all of her posts on Facebook as she baked loaf after loaf of the most incredible looking Challah bread. It’s so gorgeous that you don’t even want to eat it because to eat it is to ruin the beauty of the loaf.  (She bakes Pumpkin Challah, too!  OH my word.)

Of course, once you do eat it, you will be hooked!  That’s what happened to several of Jen’s friends who had begged her to let them purchase her gorgeous bread.  According to what I saw on Facebook, they really begged.  She’d announce: “I’m baking 2 loaves of Brioche, a pan of Toffee Almond Brownies and two dozen Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies today!”  They would POUNCE.

Since Jen is a smart little cookie, she was finally convinced that it would be worthwhile to open up an Etsy shop, which she named “Graham like the Cracker: Homemade goodness without the fuss and mess,” much to the delight of her friends located across the country.  She now ships her homemade goodness direct to your door, to arrive in amazing condition, ready to impress your guests or to satisfy your own sweet tooth.

Look at what Jen sent to me and my family!



If that presentation doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy in anticipation, I don’t know what does.  Eeek!  SO cute!  I’m a sucker for washi tape and baker’s twine.

I tore into carefully opened the box to reveal its contents and began to pull out the yummy cookies.

Plate the cookies

Behold, the Soft Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Sugar Caramel Glaze.  A bite of heaven in your mouth.  My 10 year old refused to eat anything I suggested containing pumpkin when I was in the mood to bake this fall (so I didn’t bake).  I didn’t tell him what these cookies were, but I told him to try one.  They quickly became his favorite of the bunch (after he had demolished the Snickerdoodles, which are always a hit).

In the back there?  Those would be the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, which my 7 year old told me sounded gross (huh? what?), but he became a fan after just one bite and claimed most of them for himself.


It looks like I baked, doesn’t it?  Hee, hee!!

This assortment of homemade cookies without the freaky ingredients is called the Holiday Cheer Brownie and Cookie Box.  There were SO many cookies and brownies in this box that I had to PILE them on the plate to display everything.  I had no idea a little box could hold so many cookies!!  The box comes with a 1/2 tray of brownies (do you see the layer of toffee in the middle?  YUM.), which I cut into 8 generous squares, and one and a half dozen assorted cookies.  I wish I could tell you which ones to get, but I honestly LOVED all of the cookies.  I definitely ate more than my fair share.  For sure.  My poor husband did not move quickly enough and probably only ate a couple of cookies.  The boys and I ate the rest.  Hey, you snooze, you lose!!

Here’s the way I figure it.  If I were to go out and buy the ingredients to make this assortment of cookies, I would be shocked at the grocery bill.  Baking with specialty ingredients is expensive, people!  I mean, I don’t go out and buy toffee on a regular basis.  I love me some bacon, but it’s spendy when added to the cost of butter and chocolate chips!  It all adds up, doesn’t it?

I think this is a perfect idea for gift giving for family and friends who live across the country.  Send them a box of cookies or a pretty loaf for their holiday table, and they will feel so special!  PLUS, Jen combines shipping, so you really could send them BOTH!  Ha!

I’d love it if you would check out Jen’s Etsy shop, add it to your favorites, and spread the word.  Become a fan on her Facebook page and share it with your friends!  If you like food, you’ll love Jen’s posts!

Thanks so much, my sweet friend, for gifting us with this gorgeous box of incredible cookies!!  It definitely took the pressure off of me to bake this Christmas season, and my kids were thrilled to receive it!  I wish you excellent success in your Etsy business!Ad



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