My Goals for 2011

I’m a big goal-setter. I like having something to shoot for, whether it is a spiritual goal, a physical goal, a family goal, a relationship goal, a financial goal, or any number of things in my life that could use improvement.

I read through the e-book Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews a while back, which was just awesome.  There were a couple of exercises in the book that I went through to help me think about what is important to me and what I want to accomplish in life.  What are my roles and what do I want to be known for in those roles?  Next, what are the tasks I need to complete in each of those roles and how do they fit into my calendar?  I took some quiet time in the evening while the kids were at Awana to examine my heart and write down some things down.  I don’t want to give the whole book away (and it is not too long, because Amy doesn’t want to waste your time!), but I very highly recommend it.

While I do have several goals in several categories, I thought I would share the big ones here, because these are the ones that I hope to inspire you with.  See, one of the roles that I wrote down that night was “Self-employed wage earner/blogger extraordinaire”. Well, I didn’t actually write down extraordinaire, but I figured that one of the “tasks” I have in my role as a self-employed wage earner is to tend to my blog.  My blog actually started out as a place to advertise my goods, but then I got terribly bored with just posting about my new templates and saying, “buy me!” so I started just shooting from the hip and dumping my ideas onto my blog.  My husband appreciates this.  After a while, people started to really READ my blog, and I had to think again about what I wanted my blog to be about.  It’s still pretty random, but it really is ME, and I hope that you can see me in my blog and through my writing.  My “what I want to be known for” in this role is, “Make a difference in others’ lives, Share my passions: Christ, finances, couponing, crafting, etc. so they inspire others.”  That was totally written on the fly, so I’m sure I could polish it up to make it sound prettier, but that is what came to mind that night.

That being said, I hope that some of my goals will inspire you to think about your own goals and what you can accomplish in 2011.  Here they are:

Read through the Bible two times. The Bible in 90 Days challenge with Moms Toolbox started Monday (wahoo!), but I’ll be reading with my church starting in March.  I hope to jump back in with Mom’s Toolbox as a reader/mentor at the end of summer/fall, too!  This experience was absolutely life-changing for me, and I can’t wait to do it again!  For those of you who think 90 Days seems impossible, let me assure you that it is only 12 pages a day, or 6 pages front and back!  If you decide to sign up for the Moms Toolbox group today, let me know so I can ask to have you assigned to my mentor group.  There are over 700 people signed up, and not enough mentors, but we can pull some strings!

Run a 10k. Remember when I started the Couch to 5k program at the end of January last year?  I also lost 12 pounds over the course of the year, and I could stand to lose 10 more, but mostly I just LOVE it because I can eat whatever I want when I run. Weird.  I know.

  • Go on 5 mile runs as a regular workout. Right now I’m at about 3 miles, but I can easily go a longer distance if I set aside the time.  I hope to be running 5 miles at a time by the end of February.
  • Run at least 20 miles a week. Right now, it only really works for me to run Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I could probably squeeze in Wednesday, too, but by the time I get Cole off to school, I just want to go grocery shopping by myself!!  We’ll see about trying to run Wednesdays.

Keep up with scrapping. I love it.  I need it.  I don’t do it often enough, and it is driving me (and Mitch, actually) nuts!

  • All photos from the month are scrapped by the end of the month.
  • Work on photo-less pages that are journaling based.  Tell my story.

Organize the nooks and crannies of the house – closets, shelves, behind closed doors, etc. (I have a long list with check boxes!)  Perhaps I’ll share some of my progress on my blog.

Keep up with cleaning. I printed out my Motivated Mom’s planner on Monday!!  When I used it (and didn’t relegate it to the pile), it was an awesome tool to keep me on track with serving my family by keeping the house in order last year.  What I like about the planner is that there are everyday tasks like sweeping the floors and doing the laundry, and more focused tasks like changing out the towels on a specific day or cleaning the furnace filter on a specific day.  There is also a spot to jot down the meal plan (which is essential for a couponer like me!) and a 1-year Bible reading plan, which is what I use when I’m not reading through the Bible in 90 Days.

Open up an Etsy store to sell my Cash Envelope Sets. Oh my goodness, I actually posted that on my blog.  Guess I have to follow through, huh?  Yikes!!  My goal is to sell at least 10 per month at $15 per set.  That will give me $150 more per month to apply to my stupid student loans that keep haunting me!!  Because . . .

This is the year I pay off my student loans. UGH and SUPER, DUPER UGH.  I hate those things.  It’s sometimes disheartening to be a stay-at-home-mom with a Master’s Degree that I am still paying off.  I’m gonna get ninja-like this year, though, and $25,000 worth of debt will be HISTORY.  (You have no idea how nervous I am that I actually posted that out there for the world to see.)

At the same time . . . We are increasing our tithe to our church.  (Again, putting it out there.)  Tithe is 10% of our income that we give back to God in faithfulness and trust to be used for His Kingdom.  In the past, we had always considered our tithe to be any money given to the work of God.  We took our tithe amount and split it up between our church and the missionaries that we support.  Let me stop and say that there is NOTHING wrong with this method at all.  However, we have recently been feeling like God is telling us that our tithe is to be given to our church and our offering (which is above and beyond our tithe) should be given to our missionaries and any other work of God that is put on our hearts.  Now, we are not about to decrease the amount that we give to our missionaries (in fact, we like to give them a “raise” every year!), but we are going to increase the amount that we give to our church over the next few years until that amount is our tithe and the amount given to our missionaries is our offering.  It all sounds confusing, right?  However, I am so stinkin’ excited about this!!  We have NO idea how God is going to work this out, because it’s not like we are making any more income, but HE is faithful!!  God WILL provide!!  Quick little story to give you some proof: As I mentioned, we like to give our missionaries (who are serving in a tribal community in Indonesia) a little raise each year.  In November, they had a new baby and we decided to purchase a life insurance policy for their newest little one.  We did it in faith that God would give us the money to pay for the policy, and then last week we received a check in the mail from our escrow surplus! God totally provided the money to pay for the policy!!  This type of thing has happened several times when we have gone out on faith, so we are very excited to see what God is going to do this time!

What are some of your goals this year?  I’m excited to see where God takes us in 2011!!

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