How To Add The Pinterest Pin It Button to a Blog Post

I admit that I am completely in love with Pinterest I could go on and on explaining what Pinterest is, but it’s been done.  Instead, let me sum up: It is like a giant online cork board that you can pin great articles, cool pictures and fabulous ideas to without having to tear a page out of a magazine.  When you see something that you like online, you “Pin it” to your Pinterest Style Board so you can come back to it again or share it with a friend.  So cool.

I have discovered recently that Pinterest is also a really great way to get the word out about a post or product, especially for those of us in the crafty field or home decor niche or blogging world.  I get most of my blog hits from Pinterest these days, and just yesterday I had someone tell me that she found my Etsy shop and made a purchase because a friend of hers pinned my cash envelopes to Pinterest!  Gotta love Pinterest!

When I first signed up, I found it to be really easy to figure out how to add the Pin It button to my search engine toolbar.  In fact, Pinterest has a video tutorial.  Easy.

What it doesn’t have is an intuitive tutorial to explain how I can add the Pin It button to the bottom of one of my blog posts to encourage my readers to share my content on Pinterest. I think I finally figured it out!

This little tutorial will explain how to add the Pin It button to a specific post on your blog.  It is not javascript and it will not work to embed the Pin It button into your WordPress template so that it appears on every post of your blog, but it is really not difficult to add to a single, remarkable post once you have figured it out.

First, finish writing your blog post (or work with an existing blog post) and get all of your images in place.  It might even be easier to quickly publish your post and then come back and add the button so that all of your urls are in place.

Next, go to Pinterest > “About” (upper right) >choose “Help” from the drop down menu > Choose “Goodies”


Fill in the boxes with the following:

URL of the webpage the pin is on: = Copy and paste the post url from your browser.  It will start with http://

URL of the image to be pinned: = Right click (or control click) on the image that you would like people to pin and go down to “Copy Image Location”.  Paste that code into the box.

Description of the Pin (optional): = The description you write will show up in the box when people pin your post! Use obvious key words so that your post will show up in searches!

The code in the box will change as you enter the information.  When you are done, copy that code.

Now, go to the HTML edit mode of your blog post (indicated by the red circle in the screen shot below).

Paste the code at the bottom of your blog post.

That’s it!  Go preview your post and test your link.  It works! Yay!  Now, publish your post again and invite others to “Pin It!”

I’d love your feedback! Please let me know if this works for you!


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