Goodwill Shoes, Clearance Meat and other things I never thought I’d buy.

The last few months, as I’ve been couponing and using the cash system, have been truly life changing in many ways. I’ll spare you the deep stuff for today, and focus on a couple of things that I never thought I would do.

1 – A few months ago, I never would have purchased clothing from Goodwill. The thought of it gave me the heebie-jeebies. However, as I have been enjoying Jen’s Frugal Fashionista posts, I realized that I needed to rediscover my local Goodwill. One Sunday afternoon, Mitch and I browsed through the racks and I soon had piles and piles of potential sweaters spilling over my arms and cart. It was insane. Someone with good taste must have dropped their goods off the day before, because I hit the motherload. I ended up purchasing a skirt, 2 shirts, 3 sweaters and two pairs of pants for Grant. One of the sweaters is Eddie Bauer, and one is Liz Claiborne. YES, they were a little over-priced at $6.99 each, but they were not FULL price, which is cool. Grant’s pants: 1 pair of Levis and 1 pair of soft, rainproof camos. (Mitch found them and now he’s on the lookout for a waterproof camo jacket for Grant!) I’ve been back a couple of times, and I found another cool shirt and some SHOES!

2 – I never thought I would ever, in a million years, buy shoes from Goodwill. EVER. Because GROSS. I’m not a big fan of used shoes, and certainly not shoes from Goodwill. However, my friend Tootsie (or, I suppose you can call her Angela) does it, so when when my friend told me about some Steve Madden’s for only $5.99, I decided to get over myself and buy them.

Confession time: I’m not really a shoe person. {gasp!} I probably won’t notice your shoes if we get together for coffee. Please don’t be offended, I just don’t care too much about shoes. Same with “wheels”. Mitch notices them on cars and I could care less.

Now, Tootsie has mentioned her obsession affinity for Steve Madden, so I figured that these shoes must be a good buy.

They were a bit scratched up:

So I cleaned them up a little:

And they look super cute with jeans!

If someone writes to tell me that these are NOT real Steve Maddens, then I won’ t be too upset, because they were only $5.99.  Besides, what do I know!?

Oh, and I still have to use the hand sanitizer quite liberally as I walk out the door of Goodwill.  May take a while to get over that.

3 – A few months ago, I would never have purchased clearanced meat that was close to the sell-by date. Kinda gross and scary, right?  However, Jen buys clearanced meat all the time, and since I’m just putting it into my freezer anyway, I figured that it couldn’t hurt!  What I discovered:  it’s totally awesome!  Here is today’s shopping trip:

Mmm!  That’s a lot of meat!!  Here are the highlights of the trip:

1 large pork loin for 50% off (about $4.45)

2 packages of pork roast for 30% off (about $3.00 each)

Chicken is 99¢ a pound, as is 20% ground beef.

I did the fruit snack deal twice, but the Catalina didn’t roll for me.  Whatever!  8 boxes of fruit snacks for just .70¢ out of pocket.  TOTAL.  That makes them less than .09¢ a box!  (Plus, I think I’m going to call the Catalina company to see what I can do about it.)

The boxed potatoes made me money (Free + .26¢ overage).

Oranges in the bag are less than .50¢ a pound.

Spinach, carrots and bell pepper are .99¢ each.

Sliced Swiss Cheese cost me .44¢.

Chocolate milk was free when I bought two gallons of white.

Gogurt was a bit of a splurge, because I had intended to pay for it with the Catalina that didn’t print, but still, the two boxes cost me just $2.68.  If I’d had the Cat, I would have paid .18¢!

Overall, though, I thought it was a pretty good trip!  My pantry was looking kinda bare. Well, okay, the FREEZER was looking bare, and we were tired of eating chicken, so I’m glad I stocked up on meat today!

I’ve learned a lot more about living frugally over the last few months, but that is another post for another day.

Are you doing something today that you thought you would NEVER do?  Please share!

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