Frozen food saves the day!

I once asked a friend whose son was entering first grade what she was going to do all day now that all of her kids were in school full time.  She said, “Everything I did before, except better.”  I just loved her response and was SO looking forward to the day when I could get a little bit of consistency in my schedule as my youngest started Kindergarten.  Unfortunately, that still hasn’t happened!  Kindergarten? Yes. Consistency? No.

I have been going, going, going since the first day of school, and I can’t see a break in sight!  This is seriously crazy! My house is a mess, the laundry is very far behind, and my grocery shopping has been sporadic, at best.

However, I did go shopping last night, just to grab some sandwich bread, bananas and cheese.  I brought back the rest.

I had a very small list of things I was going to get for “a great deal”.

First, the basics: 

We needed some meat, so I bought some cheap chicken.

I’m impatiently waiting for my cheap apples to arrive, so I couldn’t bring myself to buy any.  Instead, the boys get bananas!

I canned some salsa this morning, so I grabbed some cilantro, garlic, and chips.

We needed the cheese, and it was decently priced, plus I had a 55¢/1 coupon.

And, I was going for the Nature’s Own Bread that was priced 2/$4, but it was sold out, so I asked the checker to substitute the Safeway brand.  No problems there.

Now, on to the better deals:

My stock-up price for mushrooms is 99¢ a pack, but @ $2.18 BOGO, I’ll take it.  I mentioned before that I just dump them out into a freezer bag and store them in my freezer.  I grab a handful as needed!

The little jars of marinated artichoke hearts are $1 each, no coupons needed.  I am looking forward to making some Lemon Artichoke Chicken this fall.

I did the Scrubbing Bubbles deal, so I got two boxes of toilet cleaner stuff for 49¢.

I read under the comments over at Frugal Living NW that the Barilla Pasta ($1/ea) was producing a $2 Catalina WYB 3.  I only had (2) 55¢/1 coupons (which doubled), but I still bought 3 boxes so that I would get that Catalina!  In the end, purchasing whole grain pasta was a $1.10 moneymaker after you factor in the Catalina!

The Old El Paso Refried Beans were free after coupon and doubler.  I may go back for more, but my store only has ONE variety, and it looks like lots of my fellow Dallas couponers have been taking advantage of the deal!

Thanks to a comment under the Safeway deals post over at Frugal Living NW, I was on the lookout for full sized meals to take advantage of the $5 Catalina that is printing when you buy $15 worth of frozen goods.  According to the comments, it looked like the computers were really keeping track of your total needing to be $15 BEFORE manufacturer’s coupons.  That meant, I needed to proceed with caution if I were to do this deal.  One gal mentioned finding some peelies on a Stouffer’s Lasagna, so I was on the lookout for those, however a peelie bandit hit my store before I got there.  It was so sad to see the shiny spot on the package where the peelie used to be!  However, I turned the corner and, to my delight, I saw that the O Organics brand of lasagnas were on 50% off clearance!  I took a box up to Brad (we all love him) and he checked the price for me.  They ended up being $2.24 each after clearance price.  SO, I picked up seven bad boys and also used the $5/$15 frozen food coupon that I found in the frozen food book a while back (Totally no longer available, and I only grabbed 2 at the time.  Grr.).  My total for seven family sized (small family!) organic lasagnas was $15.68. Minus the $5 off frozen food coupon, minus the $5 Catalina, and I ended up paying a net of $5.68 for 7 meals!  Score! 

I’m really looking forward to pulling those lasagnas out for the times when I don’t have the time or energy to plan dinner.  Frozen food saves the day again!  :)

Okay, so tell me. Does the craziness ever end?  Will my life calm down later this fall?  Give a mother some hope!

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