Easter Egg Ornament Template Tutorial

Check out my newest 3-dimensional box, the Easter Egg Ornament Template!  It is a great alternative to a HUGE Easter basket, because you can just put some jelly beans and chocolates, plus maybe a gift card or jewelry in the box and you’re done!  It’s a pretty and special gift without the plastic grass.  PLUS, this Easter Egg can be used for non-Easter themed gifts as well!  Don’t let the name “Easter Egg” put you in a box!



Assembling this cool box might look complicated, but it’s really not too difficult when you see how it’s done.

First, I printed a digital paper from my Sunshiney Spring collection onto some matte photo paper, then I cut the template out using the SVG file using my Silhouette Cameo.  If you don’t have the Designer Edition of the studio software, you should purchase the DXF file and select Group and cut!

As always (whether you are using a digital cutter or cutting by hand using the pdf or layered psd files), you cut on the solid lines and score on the dashed lines.  Then, fold on the scored lines.  I started by folding on the straight lines as shown.

Cut Out

Next, I started working on the intricate curves.  This part is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  Easier for those of us who had a machine cut the dashes, but if you’ve done a good job scoring the curves, even traditional peeps can do this with no problems!  When I score something like this by hand, I use my bone folder or my metal embossing tool (with the round tip).  You can also use a fork, turned on the edge!

Fold on scored dashed lines

You’ll fold all of those little curves until your project looks like this.  Once you get going, it goes pretty quickly!  I promise!


Now, apply glue to the side flap of the template.  My favorite liquid glue is Beacon 3-In-1.  I like how quickly it grabs, but if I need to move something, I can do it if I catch it soon enough!  It dries well, and I’ve never had a problem with a project falling apart.



Now, we will assemble the bottom.  This is where all of your intricate folds come together!  Start with the two smaller pieces, and slide them together as shown.  I glued under the flaps to be sure it stayed closed!


Fold the non-tabbed side over and tuck the little flap in and under to give it a good seal.  I glued this flap down, too!  Then, insert the rounded tab into the slit to close the bottom.


Now, we’ll repeat these steps with one minor modification for the top of the box.  After sliding the tabs together (you might want to glue, but you might want to keep it unglued so you can tuck that gift card inside), slide a pretty ribbon under the connected tabs as shown.


You’ll poke both ends of the ribbon through the rectangular hole and pull it through to close that side.  Tuck the tab under for stability, as you did on the bottom.


Now, poke both ribbon ends through the other hole and pull through to close.  Insert the rounded tab into the slit on the side.  Tie a knot in your ribbon and decorate your box!


I used my Sunshiney Spring elements and some pretty ribbon!

I love how this project turned out, and I can’t wait to see little Easter Eggs filling up the gallery at The Digital Press!

If you like this project and think this tutorial is useful, will you consider pinning it on Pinterest?  I’d love to introduce more people to my products and can always use help with this!

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