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I’m super excited to introduce you to two wonderful Crunchy Mamas.  

Katie (on the right) is a mama of two, and Ashley (with the fierce hands) is a mama of four (having just added to her family a couple of weeks ago!).  Katie and Ashley are sisters-in-law, and in a round about way are related to ME!!  Well, actually, Ashley and her brother are kinda-sorta-German-Mennonite related to my husband (by way of a small town in Minnesota which is the nexus of the universe).  I’m married to my husband.  Therefore, they are practically my cousins!!!!

That’s my story, anyway.  I’m totally claiming them.

These crazy ladies live in my small town and have worked together to form an awesome business which I LOVE.  They create all-natural, organic, safe skincare products which work extremely well and smell wonderful.  I’m seriously passionate about their products, so when they asked me if I would like to host a giveaway, I said, “Of course!!”  I can’t wait!!!

Here are just a few of their awesome products.  They keep adding more, and I can hardly keep up!


(My photographer friend Alysun took this pic.  She rocks.)

CM-Giveaway-PicI’ve tried several of the lip balms.  I LOVE the honey lemon and the mint.  I REALLY want to try the grapefruit and sweet orange.  Oh, yum.  My kids and husband are ALL OVER these lip balms.  Everyone loves them, and my 9 year old no longer fights me when he sees me coming at him wielding a Crunchy Mamas lip balm.  Seriously.  I have about 6 of the lips balms tucked in my purse, on my nightstand, in my desk and perched in random spots in my house.  They are awesome.  No joke.

The Vapor Rub is a winter cold must-have!!  I no longer rub chemical laden Vicks on my little boys.  They get all-natural cough relief these days.  I love that the Vapor Rub comes in a stick, so I can easily apply it to chests, under noses and on little feet.  Actually, I rubbed it onto Mitch’s huge feet once, too!  It provides wonderful, soothing relief!  I even use it on my temples to ease minor headaches!

My whole family loves the hand sanitizer!  I have the lavender-lemon in my purse (so fresh!), and I bought the grapefruit for my son’s teacher, although I was tempted to keep it for myself.  I love these scents!  The light, spray-on formula is super easy to use, and I love that they don’t leave my hands feeling sticky or dried out.  Most importantly, they are made with all-natural ingredients that are safe to use on our skin while killer on harmful bacteria.  My boys and my husband have mentioned many times that they love Crunchy Mamas hand sanitizer.  Probably because I spray them often!  😉

I love the convenience of the Scab Stick!  It has replaced Neosporin in our house, and I use it on minor scrapes, cuts and burns.  I posted on Facebook about my ugly blister after a long run, and Katie piped in with the comment, “Scab Stick!”  I used it right away, and my blister healed up quite nicely!  Again, the fact that it comes in stick form makes it SO much more manageable than sticky goo!!

I have saved my FAVORITE product for last:  Smelly Face Serum.  I adore Smelly Face.  I am a total Smelly Face addict.  My face smells on a regular basis.  It all started when I learned that oil cuts oil, therefore I should use oil as my all-natural skin moisturizer like they used to do in the olden days. I actually did a lot of research on this.  Go research it yourself and you may be convinced to try oil on your face, too! I tried several different oils, and they all left my skin a little bit dry and tight.  Ironic, no?  However, when the Crunchy Mamas released their Smelly Face Serum, I remembered an old blog post that Ashley wrote about her green tinted, carrot stinky face oil that left her looking beautiful (maybe a year before Crunchy Mamas was born), and I was anxious to try it.  If it worked for Ashley, I figured it might work for me!  I tried it and was hooked!

cmsmellyI think Smelly Face Serum smells like celery or carrots.  I put it on right out of the shower (just a little squirt), and by the time I’m done brushing my teeth, the oils have penetrated my skin and the smell has gone away.  After a couple of weeks of using it every morning, I looked closely at my skin and noticed that my old acne scars were gone!  Crazy!  My skin feels smoother and younger, and much more evenly colored.  I’m completely convinced.

I do exfoliate my face in the shower at least once a week to slough off old skin cells, and use a mineral powder foundation which is SPF 15, to protect my skin from the sun.  I know some of you were wondering how I protect my skin from the sun after using oil!  By the way, did you know that Coconut Oil (one of the main ingredients in Smelly Face) is naturally SPF 4?  Kinda cool!

Katie and Ashley have graciously allowed me to give some of this stuff away!!  How awesome is that?!  They picked out a few of my favorite products (ones I use on a regular basis and LOVE), including Smelly Face, the Lavender-Lemon hand sanitizer spray, the Honey-Lemon lip balm, and the all-natural Vapor Rub stick!  The giveaway is open to US residents, only.

CM Giveaway Pic 2

The Crunchy Mamas have a Facebook Page.  They have a blog.  They have an online store with flat-rate shipping!  Wahoo!

It’s time to enter the giveaway!!  It’s my first Rafflecopter giveaway, so bear with me if there are issues!  😉  (Crossing fingers!)

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