Today’s Safeway Trip (episode one)

Hello all of you blog readers who are only here for the couponing posts!  Are you still with me?  I know it has been a LONG time since I posted any of my grocery shopping trips, but if you are a Safeway shopper, then you are probably not surprised that I have been missing.  There just haven’t been a lot of “run out and shop NOW” weeks, have there?  In fact, most of my shopping trips have just been picking up the basics and living off the freezer and pantry stockpile, due to good menu planning.  And, it’s not like I have a MASSIVE stockpile, but we do have a bunch of broccoli and other frozen veggies from this summer, lots of applesauce, peaches and pasta from last year, and I’ve been doing a ton of baking from scratch.

The secret is to stockpile when prices are LOW.  For example, I stockpiled pasta (mostly free-25¢) a while back, and I’m almost out of our pasta sauce stockpile.  I’m down to about 10 jars/cans, which, to a couponer is low.  I was down to a single box of cereal (gasp!) until today, so my hubby is going to be overjoyed!

Here’s the picture. Details to follow:

I printed the $5/5 Kellogg’s coupon back when it was available, so I used two of them in this trip.  All of the boxes of cereal cost me 99¢ each.  By the way, 99¢ a box might be my new stock-up price.  It pains me to say that.  Feel my pain, couponers?  UGH.

The Gluten Free Rice Krispies are on a special price for $1.99 without a coupon.  I thought this was kind of a score since my hubby HATES it when I buy “kid” cereals for our boys, and it seemed like that was all that was available in this week’s sales.  You’ve got to admit it:  “kid” cereals really shouldn’t be fed to kids for breakfast.  Not that I never do it, but we all know better, right?  We eat them instead of ice cream for dessert!  Happy boys, happy daddy, happy mommy!  :)  I picked up Frosted Flakes and Frosted Mini Wheats (all 99¢ a box after in-ad and internet printable coupons).

I DID get the Catalina for a free gallon of milk for buying 4 boxes of the Mini Wheats!  I’m hoping to go back this afternoon to pick up more Mini Wheats and a gallon of milk or two, plus MORE fruit!  My boxes were marked with a “save $5 on breakfast” ad on the front, and inside the boxes I found these coupons:

I’ll be buying 10 more boxes of cereal, using (2) $5/5 coupons, (3) “save $1 on fruit WYB 3 boxes” coupon (attaches to the fruit), the “save $1 on eggs WYB 3 boxes” coupon (attaches to the eggs) and the “save $2 on milk WYB 2 gallons and 2 boxes” coupon (attaches to one gallon of milk), PLUS the free milk Catalina.  Hopefully it all works out.  I’ll post if it does!

The rest of the purchases are items you can find in your Safeway ad with match-ups at your favorite coupon blog.

My “big” purchase was all of that chicken.  The frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts were $1.99/lb and sold in a 4lb bag for $7.96  bag.  I spent $31.84 on chicken, but I won’t have to buy chicken breasts for a couple of months, PLUS it got my subtotal up above $75 so I could use the $10/$75 coupon.

Other “deals” (used loosely!):

carrots $1
apples 67¢/lb
salad – free with coupon from the booklet in the produce section
Kettle chips – 98¢ with MC

Hope that inspires a few of you!  It’s just a normal shopping trip for this couponer living off of a budget of $50 a week for a family of four.  Totally possible, don’t you think?  :)

What great deals did you find at Safeway this week?

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