Why Buy the Official B90 Bible?

So you decided to take on the Bible in 90 Days Challenge!  That’s awesome!

Now, I know one of your big questions is, “Do I really have to buy the official Bible in 90 Days Bible?”

I hope to answer that question here.

When I first set out to read the Bible in 90 Days, I was determined to be successful. For me, that meant researching methods that helped others to be successful and gleaning as many tips as possible.

One of the first tips that I came across is to set aside my regular Bible and read from the official B90 Bible instead. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical.  I already own several different copies of the Bible in several different translations, including the New International Version, which is the recommended translation, so did I really need to buy a new Bible?  And, how different could it possibly be?

I decided to go ahead and purchase my official B90 Bible at the recommendation of others who had gone through the program, and I’m very glad I did.

This is what my B90 Bible looks like.  I took the paper dust cover off and it’s been abused a bit as I haul it around in my purse, but I like to think of it as being well-loved.

When I first opened it up, I thought to myself, “But, it’s just like all the rest of my Bibles!”

Oh, no!  It’s totally NOT!  😉

First of all, although it is large print, it’s also pretty thin, and if you are going to be reading through the Bible in 90 Days, then I’m sure you would rather read through a thin Bible instead of a fat Bible, right?  This thinline version doesn’t have any extra notes in the margins or commentary at the bottom to slow you down and distract you from your reading.  The first week of my reading, as I was waiting for my new Bible to arrive, I read from my NIV Student version, which is a fairly thin version as well.  However, I found myself becoming distracted over and over by the footnotes and little devotionals sprinkled throughout.  When I started reading from my B90 Bible, I became engrossed in my reading and stayed focussed on the Word. It made a HUGE difference for me.

If I came across a passage that I didn’t understand and just could NOT get past, I would either write the scripture down to review later, or I would pause there and open up my NIV Study Bible until I could breathe a sigh of relief and move on.  It’s important to remember that the point of B90 is not to study the Bible, but to read the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us.  I love the quote by Dwight L. Moody: “When I study the Bible, I prepare myself to talk to others.  When I read the Bible, God talks to me.”

Another cool feature of the official B90 Bible is the start and end cues at the top of the pages:

These show up every 6 pages . . . or 12 pages, if you count front and back, but I like to think of it as every 6 pages so it doesn’t sound so intimidating!

When I come to one of these cues, I find a good place to stop (usually at the end of a chapter) and put my bookmark in place.

I found it to be very helpful to make myself a bookmark with two strings attached at the top. One string would keep track of where I am, and the other would keep track of where I want to be.

Another good tip, especially for moms who get distracted by children over and over and over, is to read with a post it note with an arrow drawn on it to point to the exact passage that you are on. I like to read throughout the day rather than all at once, so I found it to be helpful to keep track of the page and exact line I was on when my sweet boys required my attention.

Also, don’t forget to highlight or underline scripture that is especially meaningful to you! Keep a notebook to write down your SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) notes, too!

Above all, remember to pray each time you open your Bible to ask God to show you something new and speak to your heart. It’s amazing to me that even in the more difficult to read portions of the Bible, God still shows me some new application just for me!

So, back to the original question: Do you need to buy the official B90 Bible?  Well, you don’t HAVE to, but your chances of success are much higher than if you use your regular Bible.  In fact, I watched the video introduction when my church was going through the program and Ted Cooper said that the first time he lead a group through B90, only one person who started the program reading from his own Bible actually completed it.  Yikes!  I want to be successful, not a statistic!  How about you?

Are you a Bible in 90 Days grad? I’d love it if you could share some of your tips in the comments!

PS – You can purchase the B90 Bible on the B90 website, at your local Christian book store or on Amazon.  (There are no affiliate links in this post!)

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