What is Swagbucks?

Search & Win

Everywhere I go, people are talking about Swagbucks. Online, anyway.  A few months ago, I downloaded the search toolbar, and ever since then I have slowly been accumulating Swagbucks.  Its so cool! My regular internet searching is actually giving me the opportunity to earn points that I can redeem for gift cards (and other things that I don’t care nearly as much about).

Imagine being able to earn enough Swagbucks to redeem them for enough Amazon gift cards to pay for Christmas 2010!!

I love the idea, and I hope you do, too!

Now, I’m just a tad bit clueless about Swagbucks and would LOVE to get a little bit of input here.  This is what I know:

  • I refer YOU, and you would sign up to get your own Swagbucks search toolbar.
  • Then, you just go about your normal online routine.  However, now every little search is an opportunity to earn another Swagbuck.  When you win one, a little message pops up, and it tells you how many Swagbucks you have.
  • You could stop there . . . wait a few months . . . watch your Swagbucks accumulate.  Maybe you’ll redeem them for a gift card, or maybe you could care less about free stuff {gasp!}. Whatever.
  • In the meantime, since I’m the one who referred you, I can earn Swagbucks when you earn your Swagbucks, too!  This is where I’m a little clueless.  I don’t know how quickly they accumulate, and I don’t know how long I earn your Swagbucks. But, who cares?!?!  FREE stuff, people. And, all you are doing is switching to the Swagbucks search engine.

Swagbucks is just another way we can get the internet to make money for us. Wanna join me as I strive to pay for Christmas 2010 with my Swagbucks?  Then join today!!  (Even if you just want to help me reach my goal!!  LOL!)

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