What is #speedclean?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen my sporadic tweets about #speedclean, and you might have been wondering what in the WORLD that was!  Well, let me enlighten you.

WHAT is #speedclean?

#speedclean is a Twitter hashtag, or keyword.  You can follow the hash by clicking on the hashtag to see what others are saying, or use a third party application like TweetChat or TweetGrid.

The history:

I started speedcleaning a few months back.  It started when The Digichick switched our look from the ugly brown (do you remember that?) to the fresh green background.  It was a BIG day for the chicks, and our forum was down all day, so we found a chat room and kept one another company in our anticipation while the site was down.  We were feeling veeeery lazy sitting on the computer all day, so I suggested that we speedclean!  A couple of the chicks joined me, and off we went!  Nowadays, I #speedclean on Twitter!  (Click here to learn how Twitter works!)

The idea behind #speedclean is that you clean as fast as you can so you can get on to doing the stuff that you love to do.  Just get it over with.

I typically #speedclean on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00am PST. I DO jump in and #speedclean just about every day (M-F) any time that I see a mess that needs to be cleaned up in my house (which is often).  So, you might see me tweet, “I’m going to #speedclean the kitchen in about 2 minutes. Anyone want to join me?”  If I get responses, then I set the goal.

The goal – do as much as you can, as fast as you can. I might say something like this, “Start in the kitchen! Dishes, counters, stove top. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Ready, Set, #speedclean”  Then we all race off to clean and come back to Twitter when our timers go off.

What if I’m not done in 10 minutes? Well, then you can keep going and join in with us when you are done with your kitchen, or you can stop what you are doing, call it “good” and move along with us.  The point is that you do as much as you want to do.  If I’m cleaning my toilets, but you cleaned your toilets yesterday, then you might tackle laundry for 10 minutes while I finish the toilets. Get it?

Are you really cleaning, Kelleigh? Yep!  I’ve been tempted to fake it a couple of times, but I haven’t done that yet.  I need the motivation to get the work done, so I really lean on my fellow speedcleaners to keep me going.

No, but are you actually able to CLEAN in those 10 minutes? Sure I am! See, I did the same thing yesterday, so the mess usually isn’t that bad.  I typically go along with my Motivated Moms planner, and get the big stuff done at the beginning.  For me, that means starting in the kitchen.  I do dishes, counters and wipe the crumbs onto the floor.  Then, I sweep the crumbs onto the carpet and vacuum the carpet.  I can usually do all of that in less than 20 minutes.  10 minutes in the kitchen, 10 minutes for the floors (and often it is less).  I feel triumphant! This is when I typically tweet, “DH come home! The house is clean and you’re going to miss it!” (Have you seen that one a couple of times?  LOL!)  Oh, and DH=Dear Husband, mom.  (My mother isn’t always up on “the lingo” . . . although she did know what LOL meant years before my little sis explained it to me.)

Sometimes, we take it up a notch. This usually happens on Wednesdays because that is when Cole is in school.  Is is not easy to clean with a 3yo underfoot, but I do it ALL the time.  On Wednesdays, though, I put on my “get sweaty” gear and bust out the mop and toilet brush.

Can anyone use the #speedclean hashtag and start cleaning their house? By all means!!  Go for it!  Maybe you’ll pick up someone else who loves to #speedclean, and you can do it together!

Is #speedclean sponsored?  Are you making any money by doing this? Uh, no.  I wish.  In fact, if Dyson wanted to send me a new vacuum cleaner, I’d be over the moon (hint, hint Dyson people).  Until then, I just do this for the fun of it and to keep my house clean!  It’s all part of becoming a more motivated mom!

Need more info? Are you on the East Coast? Check out Pamela’s #speedclean post!

AND, feel free to grab either of these buttons to post on your blog!! The more people that join us, the more fun it is!!  Spread the word!

Who knows!  Maybe some awesome home care company will contact me and want to do a giveaway to #speedclean participants!  Wouldn’t that be cool?!?!

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Don’t you just love those little felties?  Pamela Donnis made them!  You better believe I’m doing a layout with her digital kit when it comes out!!  Woot!

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