Just this morning, I was telling my friend that I would totally do the Eggo waffle deal if I had any more coupons.  Fortunately, I didn’t need them today!

I went to my trusty end cap frozen food clearance section and found a BUNCH of Eating Right waffles and pancakes on 50% off clearance, which made them just $1.40 each.  I bought 11 boxes to get my total above $15 so that I would earn that fun $5 Catalina!  I rolled a previous Catalina, plus I used the last of my $5 off a $15 frozen food purchase coupon that Tera sent me (I gave a couple away!).  SO, all 11 boxes cost me $5.40 OOP, however I also earned a $5 Catalina, so basically, I paid 40¢ for 11 boxes.  Kinda fun!  I actually gave 3 away to a friend, so I Photoshopped some in for the picture.  Hee, hee!

Other deals:

Artisan tortillas were 49¢ after Buy 8 promo and coupon.

Cheese was $1.79 after Buy 8 promo savings, and I used the 55¢/1 pdf printable on the California Dairy website, which made them $1.24 per bag.

Peanuts were $1.  They sucked me in.

Chicken legs, thighs and quarters are BOGO @ $1.49/lb, which actually equals out to about 75¢/lb.

Bananas were cheap.

The chips were $1.99 each after Buy 8 promo, which isn’t the best price, however we NEEDED them because I made a bunch more salsa last night!  I now have about 14 quarts!  I plan on making Jamaican Jerk Nachos, too!  :)

Anyway, I hope that this post gives you more ideas for your shopping trips!  My freezer is now completely full to the brim (literally), and tomorrow I start a massive apple canning adventure.  I think it’s time we started eating from the pantry/freezer!!  I love that that is an option for us since we have been stockpiling and preserving!

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