The Friday 5: Jan 27 – FB blessings, pretty recipe book, Faker the Baker and more!

Five cool things:

ONE – Once again, Facebook has blessed me.  Or, I should say, God used the people using Facebook to bless me!  See, I teach Bible as part of a release time program at my son’s public school.  It’s a pretty cool gig.  I pick the kids up right after lunch, escort them off campus, teach them some Bible, then take them back to class and pick up the next class.  Our organization has “chapels” right next door to all of the public schools in town!  Anyway, the high school teachers came to our recent meeting to tell us about the need to purchase a bunch of new study Bibles for the high school students who have been seeking.  They cost $8 each, and we need to buy them in cases of 24 to get that price.  They had an immediate need for 30 Bibles, so of course they needed 2 boxes.

Well, I hopped onto Facebook the next morning and shared the need.  Right away, my Facebook friends started committing to partner with me to purchase Bibles!!  Two days later, I had checks, cash, and commitments to purchase exactly 30 Bibles!  Then, I shared the need at church and received even more cash and checks!  I can’t even tell you how blessed I was!!  Isn’t God amazing?  {sigh}  I just had to share.

TWO – I organized my recipes.  Yeah. I know.  BIG job.  First, I got rid of ALL of the cookbooks that I never used.  I made a copy of any recipes out of those cookbooks that I did use (um. just one.) and ended up with a HUGE box to take to Goodwill.  Next, I went through the two folders filled to the brim with recipes that I DO use on a regular basis.

It was a total mess.  Most of my recipes have been torn out of magazines or printed off the internet.  I love them.  I hated the mess.  I’ve been putting this off FOR.EV.ER.  Seriously.

My wonderful friend Pamela, who has a super fun Etsy store with awesome printables, had the PERFECT solution for my problem.  Now, my recipes look like this:

Pam’s printable has pretty dividers for each section of my binder.

No, it’s not perfect, but it is ABSOLUTELY perfect for me!  I love my new recipe book!  I feel peace!!  It’s crazy!  I totally recommend it!

THREE – I’ve been using Avocado Oil on my face instead of lotion lately.  I know, it’s a total granola mama thing to do.  Whatever.  SO, I tried it, and I LOVE the way it feels for the first couple of hours!  Only problem is that it dries my face out!  Can you believe that??  Maybe I’m in the newbie phase of using avocado oil on my face and this tightness will go away??  Anyone have any ideas?

FOUR – LEGO sent my son a letter! Grant gets the free LEGO magazine and he just pours over it whenever it comes.  He often builds something and then asks me to take a picture and send it in to the magazine.  I finally did it!  Imagine our surprise when we received a letter in the mail thanking him for his submission!  Another reason to love LEGO!

FIVE – I’m a total faker.  I was asked to donate some baked goods to a fundraiser cake walk. I told the gal, “I’m not much of a baker.” Lie.  Truth is that I don’t bake cookies or cakes because I’m the one who eats them.  I only bake breads (and biscotti), but she wanted cakes, etc.  I tried to say no, but the gal’s super sweet smile wouldn’t let me. I agreed to do it for a good cause. However, the baked goods were due today and I was way too pooped to bake anything last night. Solution?  Safeway. They had pudding rings on sale for $2.99.  Aw, yeah. SO, in true faker fashion, I popped over to the Dollar Store, grabbed some silver plates, curly ribbon and cellophane basket bags.  I took the cakes out of the store packaging and faked that I baked it. Know what? I’m totally okay with that.  That is where we get the phrase “faker the baker”, just in case you were wondering . . . (And, yes, I do use that phrase on a fairly regular basis.)

There ya go! The Friday Five!

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