Patching Jeans – My No-Sew Method

I have two boys.  They are so very precious to me.  AND, they run through their clothes like it is nobody’s business. We have now reached the stage (4T) where Cole is unable to use any of Grant’s hand-me-down pants because Grant put so many holes in his pants that they are uninhabitable.  My little animals.

However, I have found a solution!  I can patch them up!  NO, not THAT kind of patch.  Not the embarassing, darker-colored iron-on “look at the place where there once was a hole ’cause my momma’s too cheap to buy me new pants” kinda patch.

We’re talking subtle, here.  We’re talking . . . cool.  And, please remember that I am referring to patching boys pants.  It is SO not cool to cover the hole with a butterfly patch.  That may work for girls, but not mini-Mitch’s (my DH).  Girls can get away with “embellishing” their pants with pretty fabric.  Boys can not.

Yes, I do have a sewing machine, however I don’t like to lug it out and clear off my always-messy desk and find the thread, JUST to fix a hole.  Instead, I use GLUE.  Want to see what I do?

First, the offender.

This pair of jeans was perfectly fine yesterday morning.  They were even LONG enough (which is kind of rare on my ever-growing boys).  I loved these jeans!

Imagine my shock-and-chagrin when I went to pick Cole up from Bible Study childcare and he was sporting a fresh hole in the knee.  Grr.

The first thing I did was cut the longer strings. A little bit of fraying is kinda cool, but longer strings just BEG a three-year-old to pull them.

Next, I grabbed a pair of old jeans that had some unfortunately placed holes.  These jeans are not salvagable, but they make great patches!

I cut a patch out of the old, unsalvagable jeans.  The patch is significantly larger than the hole.  I just want to be safe.  I also rounded the edges of the patch so that it wouldn’t get caught on something and tear off in the future.

Then, I grabbed the glue.  I used Aleene’s OK To Wash-It, which I had originally purchased to “sew” patches onto my son’s Cubbies vest. (Long time blog readers, do you remember that ill-fated venture?  I won’t link you up.  Oy!)

I applied a bunch of glue to the FRONT of the patch and smeared it around with my finger, covering the entire patch.

Then, I turned the jeans inside out so that I could apply the patch to the back of the hole. I shoved a piece of plastic inside the leg of the jeans so that the glue wouldn’t seep through.  Then, I applied the patch and smoothed it out.  At this point, you just let it dry.  I typically let the patches dry overnight.

And, this is how the hole looks now!

Kinda “cool” and yet all patched up!  These jeans should last a bit longer, don’t you think?  I’ve patched up MUCH larger holes than this, and the end result is always ultra cool.

So, what do you think?  Is this something you could do?

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