Paper Bag Flowers!

I am so excited to be moving into the holiday season!  I love Thanksgiving (oh, the FOOD!) and Christmas is my favorite.

I have a dream that one day I will be the kind of mom who has a decorating bin for each season of the year: Snowflakes and snowmen for January and February, shamrocks and leprechauns for March, flowers and bunnies for April and May, etc.

I am not that mom.  However, I really would love to be that mom.

I have a ton of great ideas!  Really, I do!

The problem lies in the execution of these great ideas.  It just doesn’t happen.

Until today.

Today The Krazy Coupon Lady linked to this pretty photo from A Place for Us:

I read the tutorial to make those paper flowers and I thought, “Hey!  I have paper bags! I can do that!”

And I did.

And it took me about 10 minutes to do 3 big flowers.

And it was totally fun and got my creative juices flowing!!

I came up with this:

Ah!  There is SOMETHING on my entry wall!  So much better than the nothing I had there after giving the chalkboard to my friend!  It looks much better in her house.  :)

This is a dresser that I picked up at a garage sale about 12 years ago for $40 and painted.  I had great intentions of taking the bat signal hardware off and replacing it with something cooler, but that has never happened.  Oh, well!  It needs to be repainted now anyway, so ONE DAY when I have the motivation, I will paint this dresser and switch the hardware.  For now, it works for me, and it holds a ton of STUFF.

I bought the vase at a garage sale for 10¢ (it’s chipped) and the wooden tray was $1 (it needs to be painted).  The pretty little picture of the fall tree was handmade by my youngest. Both boys donated their pumpkin patch loot: the Indian corn and the little gourds.

Then, I saw that Frugal Living NW linked to this Thankful Tree from Simply Vintage Girl, and I love the idea!

I think I’ll look through my stash of paper and start punching!  Wouldn’t little thankful notes look cute on my little branches?  I think I need more branches, though.  I’ll be on the lookout!!

Ah, yes.  There’s nothing like recycling the pumpkin decor and taking it into the Thanksgiving season!

Who knows? Maybe I am closer to being that mom than I think!

Did you switch out your decor today?  How do you transition into the Holiday season??

OH, and have you started listening to Christmas carols, yet?  I certainly have!!  LOVE IT!

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