John 3:16 Valentine Printable

I’ve been in the mood to create, lately.  Not just stuff I HAVE to create (cash envelopes or papercraft templates, anyone?) but the stuff I GET to create.  Like this cute FREE printable, just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

(Click to download in 8×10, 8.5×11, 11×14 and a layered psd file!  For personal use only.  NOT for resale.)

I was completely inspired by Pinterest on this one (a teacher made a bulletin board similar to this), and I was also super anxious to try out a transfer technique I took a self-paced class on.  (I would link you up, but the instructor switched stores, and I can’t find her!)

What I did was print out the verse on two pieces of 8.5×11 paper (which I have included in the download) and transferred the ink to a 11×14 canvas!!  What you see here is ink, NOT paper.  Kinda cool, huh?  I love the distressed look!

Here are the steps I took to transfer ink onto canvas using Mod Podge as my medium.

1. Prime Canvas with white acrylic paint. (Or whatever color you would like to see where the white letters are.  Cream? Pink?)  Let it dry few a couple of hours.

2.  Next, print out the word art onto plain printer paper.  Important: FLIP the word art horizontally before you print.


You might have to trim the white edge off the paper if your printer doesn’t print borderlessly.  Also, if you printed the two sheets like I did, you will have to trim the bottom off of the second sheet.

3. Spread an even coat of Mod Podge (I don’t think it matters weather it is Glossy or Matte, but I used Matte) over the entire canvas.  Don’t glob it on, but don’t be stingy, either.  The next time I do this, I’ll be using more, for sure!  Make sure you don’t forget the corners of the canvas.  I didn’t put any on the edges, but I don’t think that matters.

This is what happens if the red ink bleeds into a glob of Mod Podge, or if you don’t use enough (the distressed looking part on the bottom).

4. Now, carefully lay the paper on the canvas and smooth out the bubbles with your fingers and then with a brayer (if you have one).  This is an important step, so make sure you don’t leave any creases or bubbles!  Also, do your best not to overlap papers.  I did okay, but I wish I had done better!

(See the little bulge under the E?  If I had smoothed better, I might not have had that bleeding issue!)

5.  Let the Mod Podge dry overnight or for a super long time.

6.  This part is messy, but fun!  Spray the paper with lots of water, and then use your fingertips (not fingernails) to roll the paper off of the canvas.  Start in the middle, rather than the edge.  Also, only wet the areas you will be working on.  I wet the whole thing and it made some of the ink bleed a bit.  It’s not the end of the world, though!

7. Keep spraying and rolling (and perhaps brush with a soft cloth) until all of the little fibers are gone.  The ink will lighten up, but don’t worry!  If yours looks like this, you are not done.  Keep spraying and rolling!

8.  When you are done, it will be nice and smooth and a bit more teal than blue!  Like I said, the canvas will be lighter than the print.

You can now Mod Podge the whole canvas, but I just left it as it is!

Enjoy your free printable!  You can frame it, mod podge it, change it up (for you Photoshop girls), or whatever!

Be reminded that GOD loves you more than anyone in the whole wide world!!  So much, that he watched his only son suffer and die a horrible death, and then come back to life, proving that only God has power over death.  He did all of this so that we could have a personal relationship with him and experience eternal life in his presence!!  I’d say, that’s the best Valentine anyone could ever receive!

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