Homemade Valentines – Digi Style

Sometimes I’m a really cool mom, and I know it.

Last year, I made Grant some Valentines which sort of set the bar high.

He wanted Lego General Grievous. He thought this was cool.

This year, he decided that he wanted a couple of Lego items that he and Daddy made to be on his Valentines.

I came up with this little arrangement:

Can you see him in there?  We even changed the words on the side of the yellow thingy.  Not that you can actually read them in real life, but at least I know they are there.

And, this little guy thinks it’s totally cool.

Cole wanted to be a horse. No, not sit ON a horse, but BE one.  Then, he decided to be a tiger.  We couldn’t find a tiger that looked fierce enough, so he went with the train theme.  (Whew!)  He loves trains!

Cute!  He picked out the hearts to put in the back of the train, too!  I grabbed the All Aboard digital kit by Pamela Donnis and Ellie Lash and Wrapped Up in You hearts by Pamela.  I also snagged the Love Notes ATC template freebie available at The Daily Digi (but only until Feb 14th!).

Cole loves his card!  (And, now he wants to draw on my computer all the time.  Not good.)

The boys put the Valentine’s together themselves and then taped {free} fruit snacks onto the back of each one.  It was seriously adorable.

Sometimes I totally surprise myself and pull out my “Supermom” badge. This doesn’t happen terribly often, and I get excited when it does!  AND, to top it off, I’m volunteering in BOTH of their class parties.  Yeah.  I’m “Supermom!”

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