The Friday Five: January 6th

Ah, it is SO nice to be back on my blog!  Honestly, we have been doing GREAT around here, but blogging took a major backseat as I spent more time with my family during the holidays.  Now that my kids are back in school, I will endeavor to do a better job with my blogging!  I thought the easiest way for me to jump back in was to give you my Friday Five!

1. In 2012, I am going to Work Smarter, Not Harder!  Let me explain:  There are some things that a woman has to do all by herself and some things she can delegate.  For example, I am the only one who can be the mama who loves and cuddles my kids.  I am the only Kelleigh who can be a wife to Mitch.  I am the only one who can write my thoughts down on my blog.  Get the picture?  But, someone else can clean my bathrooms, thus freeing up time to play with my kids and make memories with them before it’s too late.  Someone else can score, fold, glue, and laminate the cash envelopes I cut out so that my evenings are free to enjoy time with my husband.  It is hard to let go of some of those tasks that I have clung to for so long, but the relief I feel is immeasurable!  I feel like I have a little more control of my life!  {sigh}

2- I’m also going to try really, really hard not to be so cheap.  For example:  I’ve been wanting to corral my bagged up dry goods in my pantry for quite some time.  I’ve been coveting a set of clear, square canisters for a few years now, always asking for them for Christmas.  Well, another Christmas went by with no canisters, so I finally went to the store and bought them myself.  A whopping $36 later, I now have a pretty, clean, and organized pantry.  Makes me wonder why I was being so cheap!!  I’ll still be smart about money, but I do want to allow myself a little grace.

3 – I’ve discovered Oh Life.  It’s an online diary that emails you at the end of each day and asks, “So, how was your day today?”  You reply back with your answer (I tell about my day) and they keep a record for you on their website!  I think this is going to be very valuable to me as I try to keep a better record of the everyday life of my family.

4 – Which brings me to the next thing on my mind: scrapping.  I’m excited about a new blog called Tell Your Story Every Day.  It just started, but it is already motivating me to get back to scrapping and telling about the little things in the life of our family.  Some months go by when we are SO busy that I forget to take any pictures or record any words, and yet so much happened.  It’s quite a shame!  I urge each of you to read this first post from the blog and consider telling your story, too!

5 – I have discovered Biscotti.  I’ve made it twice now, not really, but kinda, but not really very much, following a recipe.  I’m almost out, so I’ll make it again soon and post a recipe (or at least a kinda recipe that you can sorta follow or not).


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