30 Ornaments in 30 Days . . . Day 3!

I’m sure I’m breaking all kinds of rules here, but when I saw Danielle Engebretson’s November Grab Bag (which won’t be released until Thursday!), I just HAD to play.  And post.  And show everyone how gorgeous her papers are!!  I’m so excited about this Grab Bag!!  You’ll see more of it in the next couple of days!  Think of it as a sneak peek, okay?

Check this out:


Mmmmm, so pretty!

I used my Take Out Box Template Set for this “ornament”, which happens to be ON SALE for $2 Tuesday!!  Go pick it up and make a bunch of these.  They are such an adorable ornament, don’t you think?

Okay, so I’m using the term “ornament” loosely here.  Really, anything that adorns the tree can be an ornament, though, right?  And, I shoved this little box onto my tree, so it’s now an ornament!  Love the logic.  Of course, if I’d had some pretty beads on hand, I would have made a pretty beaded wire hanger for it, but I didn’t have them.  So . . . I shoved.

But, I think you can agree that it is pretty!!

Three days down, 27 to go.

Come back tomorrow for some more inspiration!!

AND, don’t forget to pick up the Take Out Box Template Set for just $2 today!!

Did you happen to create an ornament yesterday?  If so, leave a comment so we can see!

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