My Groceries!

Howdy ya’ll!

Forgive me.  I just got back from a trip to Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Not that anyone said Ya’ll. See, these days Texans are actually transplanted Californians.  Like my family.  Hee, hee!  For the record, I did graduate from a Texas high school (which is why I’m so brilliant).  I never said Ya’ll (too much of a valley girl, I suppose), however I was tempted a few times.  Why is it that when you get around people with accents your own accent comes out?  It’s kind of embarrassing how I get all twangy around Texans. I just can’t help it!

ANYWAY . . . you didn’t come here to hear all about my trip to see my little brother get hitched.  You are actually here for the groceries.  Weirdos.  (Said affectionately, of course.)

There is not a lot going on at Safeway this week, and as you all know, I’m kind of a Safeway girl.  I’m much too lazy to go “into town” (Salem, OR) to shop, so I stick to my local stores.

This morning’s trip:

I did this in 3 transactions (one early in the morning, and two more in the late morning).

I used some rainchecks because our store ran out of the Viva and the Suddenly Salad last week.

The Viva paper towels are printing a Catalina (NOT that you should run out and buy any, because that sale was last week, not this week.  This week’s price is very NOT good.  Don’t do it.)  Since I’m miss smartypants and got a raincheck, each package cost me $0.99.  For some reason a $5 Catalina printed instead of a $4 Catalina (as I was expecting).  I’ll take it!  :)

The Suddenly Salad (seriously, my go-to “please bring a salad” dish for the summer) was 24¢ a box after the raincheck, coupons and doubler.  Remember, this was last week’s sale, so don’t go out and pay $3 for a box of processed pasta! Yikes! Winco typically stocks up during the summer and you can get it for 98¢, if you must have it.  And, I do. Yum.

For the record (since I know some of you are saying, “where are the veggies!?!”), I did do a produce run on Tuesday for apples, bananas, spinach, cucumbers and carrots.  That’s just not as exciting, so I didn’t take a picture.  What IS exciting is that my 7-year-old packed his lunch this morning before I rolled out of bed.  What did he pack?  1/2 a jam sandwich, home-canned pears and a spinach salad. {squeal in delight!}  Which just goes to show you that if you don’t keep pre-packaged lunch junk in the house, your child will find something else to pack . . . like spinach salad.  Okay, I’m done with the mama bragging. Excuse me. :)

This weeks stuff:

Wheat Thins Stix were 67¢ each after weekend sale price and $1/1 coupon (DND).  I’ve been making hummus lately and my boys LOVE these Stix dipped in hummus!

The Vlasic Pickles were 89¢ each after BOGO deal, coupon and doubler.

I hadn’t used the Mission .75/1 IP from Cinco de Mayo, and the chips were on sale, so I paid 74¢ after in-ad coupon, IP and doubler.

The Oscar Meyer hot dogs are 99¢ each with the in-ad coupon, so I paid 24¢ each after MC and doubler.  This deal WILL come around again this summer, so don’t freak out if you didn’t get many. They freeze very well, and I still have some left over from end of summer sales last year.

Angel Food Cake is a daily deal today, so I bought 2 for $1.49 each. I’m hoping these freeze well since I’m buying 40lbs of fresh, washed, sliced strawberries that come in mid/late June! Anyone have any experience with freezing angel food cake?

Other deals I saw:

My store had a cardboard display in the condiment isle and by the meat section for Bulls Eye BBQ sauce.  There was a .55/1 (DND) coupon on the display.  Since the BBQ sauce is 99¢ this week, you would pay 44¢ a bottle.  Not a bad price at all!  I remember getting a bunch for free last year, plus I have about 6 bottles in my pantry right now, so I didn’t buy any, however if you don’t have any BBQ sauce on hand, it might be worth it to you to buy a couple of bottles.

Look in the comments of this post at Frugal Living NW.  A gal there is reporting 12 packs of soda for $1.99 today only. We aren’t really soda buyers here, so I can’t verify it, but if you DO buy soda, I think that is a good price.  Right?

I didn’t get some of the coupons for some of the matchups on the blog, but I’m not gonna freak out about it.  Please know that these deals WILL come around again this summer!!  We still have 4th of July and Labor Day sales coming up!  Also, as you come across some of these amazing condiment deals, think about how much your family will go through in a year, and buy that amount.  However, remember to look at the expiration date!!!  Most salad dressings these days don’t have a very long shelf life, and some other condiments are the same!

I totally realize that the photo I posted is mostly junk-ish food.  Not terribly healthy.  However, these are items that my family DOES buy (think picnics, camping BBQs, etc.), and now I won’t have to pay full price when something comes up.  By buying these items when they are on sale and creating a stockpile that I can “shop” from, I don’t actually have to buy much to feed my family these days except the basics: fruit, veggies, milk, eggs and cheese (although I DID price match the Fred Meyer ad at Walmart when Tillamook was on sale for $3.99. Yeah, baby! I’ve got 6 bricks in my fridge!).

THIS means that I can afford to spend my grocery money where it is important to me.

I bought 12 lbs of organic Fuji apples for $10 (that’s 83¢/lb), and 2 lbs of eco-farmed basmati  rice for $3 (not a whole lot more than Walmart) from Azure Standard.  Remember, we have an open fruit drawer policy, so we go through a LOT of apples.  Hopefully these will last me 2 weeks.

I also purchased 1 gallon of raw milk from a trusted source for $8.  Spendy milk, huh?  I’m still experimenting with it, but I am completely hooked and think one of my good friends (or my mother-in-law) should buy a jersey cow (and some laying hens!!).  The milk is awesome for drinking, but I’ve also used the cream (which you can’t see in this picture because it was so fresh when I picked it up that it hadn’t separated, yet) for our coffee.  I also made feta cheese (which turned out pretty good, but I’m letting it age a bit), and I’ll be making some ricotta this weekend, too.  I might keep the cream from this gallon to make butter, although something tells me that I’ll be using it in my coffee because it is SO delish.

Aaaaannd, those are my groceries!

Did I miss any awesome sales?

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