HUGE New Release Day!

You should have seen me last night. I was innocently clicking around the digi world and since my own store is linked in my toolbar, I clicked on that to get to another designer’s store.  Then I saw ALL of the new releases that had just become available in MY store!  I almost freaked out because there were SO many images and they were so cheap!  Good grief.

I knew I was working hard, but I guess it didn’t really hit me until I saw my shop.

It’s kinda like saying, “I come from a big family”.  See, when you come from a big family, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Every family member is completely indispensable, and your home feels nice and cozy.  Very normal.  THEN, when you see a picture of your big family, you’re like, “Hello!  Where did this big group come from?  Oh yeah.  That’s my family.”  I’m  not kidding when I tell you that I felt like this ALL the time growing up.

So, I’m one of 10 or 11 kids (give or take).  Eh.  Whatever.  It’s really not a big deal.

Good gracious.  I do go off on tangents, don’t I?  Ahem.

I re-vamped and re-released three of my most popular templates this week! Check it out:

(click to go or to enlarge!)

For my sample, I used Quirky Twerp’s Little Beach Bum paper pack.  LOVE it!  And, yes, that is the Paper Flower Pieces freebie that I used to make that flower.

You’ll notice that I have released one set of the whole shebang (Templates and Cutting Files) and one set of Cutting Files ONLY so that those of you who have purchased these templates in the past don’t have to re-purchase them to get in on the cutting fun!  PLUS, if you pick them up on New Release Day (which is essentially from Wednesday night through Friday night) you can grab them at a 20% discount.

For my sample, I used Sarah J’s Bloom Paper Pack.  Lovely!  All of her papers are SO hybrid friendly!

For those of you who are wondering what “re-vamped” means, it means that I got rid of a bunch of extra dotted lines. SO, instead of seeing a bunch of scoring lines running down your project, you will see a small tick of a line on one end and a small tick on the other end.  MUCH cleaner.  You simply connect the dots using your straight edge and a scoring tool.  Now, no more inked edged to hide the lines!  YAY!

I did NOT create a perforated edge in the cutting files.  I know that at least one of my design team members thought that I should leave the little tiny dashes so that you didn’t even have to break out your scoring tool, but it took forever to cut and looked sloppy in the end.  I decided to go for clean!  Hope you all don’t mind having to use your tools!

For my sample, I used Jennifer Labre’s Color Me Happy kit.  It is GORGEOUS! You’ll want to click on that link to see for yourself.

See those great little scalloped edges? I’ve seen a couple of gorgeous projects that you all have made with scallops along the edges of the flaps, and I totally copied you.  AND, I decided that it would be cool to have a set of scalloped edge cutting files made specifically to go along the curve of my Fancy and Funky Bags.  SO, I hooked you up with another freebie!  Make sure you add it to your cart while you are checking out!

So, what do you think?  Are you as excited as I am?

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