You Don’t Have to Be a Genius: How to organize all of your coupon blogs

As I mentioned previously, I don’t reinvent the wheel and pour over grocery store and drug store ads to help me find the best deals to add to my stockpile.  Instead, I read several couponing blogs that match up sale prices and manufacturer and store coupons and tell me exactly how a scenario will work, then I just do what they tell me to do.

I have quite a few coupon blogs that I keep up with (along with my digiscrap blogs, friend blogs, cooking blogs, decorating blogs, etc.), and to the casual computer user it might seem overwhelming.

However, I use Google Reader to help me keep it all straight!

I’m so excited that my friend, fellow digi designer, and fellow couponer, Pamela Donnis is helping me out with this next very important step to help you as you begin your journey into extreme couponing.

Maybe now you are at the point where you really want to go for this couponing thing and you’ve even started to look for coupon blogs that match up stores in your area but are not sure what to do next. Believe me, I’ve been there, and will be the first to admit it CAN get overwhelming. Let me share with you how I keep things organized as I prepare for my shopping trips.

Read more over at Keeping Life Creative! And, thank you, Pamela, for attacking Google Reader for me!

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