Never pay for toothpaste!!

Couponers NEVER pay for toothpaste, and you don’t have to either! This week, Rite Aid has toothpaste (even the fancy stuff) FREE after +UP rewards, and you don’t even need any coupons to do the deal!

First off, I had a $10 +UP reward that expired on Saturday!  ARGH! I hate it when I flake out like that!  SO, I was going to roll that reward, but it turns out that I still had a great Rite Aid trip even without that $10 to start with.

This is what I picked up:

My child has his chin on my maxi pads.  WHICH, by the way, make awesome donations!!  Did I mention that couponers never pay for pads??  Never.  Ever.  Ever.  EVER.  I can’t stress that enough. (Ever.)

Don’t bother clipping any coupons, but do if you’d like to make a little money on the toothpaste!  Go to Rite Aid and grab an ad.  Look at the front page, where all the best deals this week are listed (not always, but this week they are on the front).  This week you can pick up FREE toothpaste, FREE pads, cheapo deodorant and cheapo detergent.

SO, the transactions went like this:

Buy 1 Colgate Total (or any number of other Colgate toothpastes included) using your Wellness Card Discount.
Pay $3.50 out of pocket (OOP)
A $3.50 +UP Reward will spit out at the register = FREE.

THEN . . .

Buy 1 Colgate
Pay with your $3.50 +UP Reward
Owe $0 OOP
A $3.50 +UP Reward will spit out at the register

Repeat for a total of 4 tubes of toothpaste (the limit as listed in the ad).  If a line forms behind you, go to the back of the line.  Don’t make people irritated with you.  By the way, stores are used to this behavior.  My manager (sweet Becky) hung out with me at the register until I was done since she had to override all of my $0 sales.  :)

IF I had my +UPs from last week, I would have used those to pay for the first transaction.  But, I didn’t.

Now, use your $3.50 +UP Reward to pay for some deodorant.

The Arrid and the Arm and Hammer are 2/$4 this week, plus it produces a $3 +UP reward.  You can do this deal 2 times.

Grab 4 deodorants included in the sale.  There will be tags on the shelf.

Buy 2 deodorants
Pay with the $3.50 +UP from the toothpaste deal.
Pay 50¢ OOP
A $3 +UP Reward prints at the register.

Buy 2 deodorants
Pay with the $3 +UP
Pay $1 OOP
A $3 +UP Reward prints at the register.

If you have printed the coupons, you will pay $0 out of pocket.  I paid 50¢ each.

Actually, I was in a massive hurry, so I bought all 4 deodorants at the same time = $8 minus $3.50 +UPs from toothpaste = $4.50 OOP and I earned $6 in +UPs.

After picking up my sweet boy, I went BACK to Rite Aid and grabbed 2 detergents/$7, used my $6 in +UPs, paid $1 OOP and earned $3 +UPs.

I used my $3 +UPs to pay for the Stayfree = $0 OOP, and I earned a $2 +UP.

I still have $2 in +UPs in my wallet to roll into next week or spend on something else that I might need from Rite Aid like sandwich bags or milk.

In the end, I paid $6 OOP for everything that you see up there, plus I still have $2 in +UPs leftover.  Like I said, if I had cut coupons, I could have saved or even made money on this trip.  As it is, I’m pretty pleased!

Now, if nothing else, go pick up your free toothpaste this week!  It’s a great way to break in to couponing without having to clip a single coupon!

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