12 Days Blog Hop: Wish Baskets

Growing up, my parents couldn’t give us a lot of things, but they were very good at giving us experiences that didn’t cost a whole lot of money, and those experiences are some of my favorite childhood memories.

I remember the Christmas that my Dad brought out “Wish Baskets” for each of us kids.  They were actually small, wicker baskets with lids, and each one was a different color. Each wish basket contained a dozen little strips of paper.  At the beginning of each month, we got to draw a slip from our basket and we would get to do the item printed on that slip.  They were simple things: a picnic in the park, a trip to Dairy Queen, a trip to the bookstore, etc.   They were simple, yet meaningful, and I looked forward to wish basket day every month.

Today, I would like to give you a sheet of FREE printable Wish Basket Coupons. (Click on the image to download it!)

My children are VERY familiar with the concept of coupons, so this should be fun!

I made these with the idea that our family would do activities in honor of each of our children.  Some of the ideas we have come up with so far include:

  • A trip to Dairy Queen (we order off of the 4 for $5 menu!)
  • Family Movie Night (child picks the movie, homemade pizza toppings and ice cream or popcorn)
  • New book – from book store or book order form
  • Breakfast with Dad on a Saturday morning (guy time)
  • Root Beer floats
  • Make Cookies with Mom

Notice that many of these items are things that we would have done anyway (family movie night, make cookies, etc), and yet NOW they are special because they are being done in one boy’s honor.

Remember that kids don’t need THINGS.  They need YOU! Make a memory without spending a lot of money, and make it last all year long with Wish Baskets!!

A printable Wish Basket (created from my Clover Box Template) is included in your 12 Days Grab Bag that you can purchase at The Digichick or Little Dreamer Designs. I have also included a bonus cutting file in the Grab Bag, so you can create your own unique wish basket coupons, or add it to your next layout or project!

If you are interested in other wish basket designs, check out my store!  I have tons to choose from!

Looking for more “experience” related gifts?

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Do you have any ideas for our Wish Basket activities??  I could use some more ideas!!

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12 Days Blog Hop: Keeping Life Creative

I’m super excited about today’s tutorial by Pam over @ Keeping Life Creative. Pam recently wrote a blog series where she listed the top 10 reasons why she loves digital scrapbooking.  Every one of her reasons were absolutely true and they are the reasons why digital scrapbooking is my preferred method of family record-keeping.

The problem is, Photoshop is not the most intuitive at first.  Well, sure, NOW my hands just do their thing in Photoshop without a whole lot of thinking on my part.  It’s sort of like learning to type.  Your fingers eventually memorize the keys, right?  But, in the beginning it can be intimidating.

In today’s tutorial, digital scrapbooking designer Pamela Donnis is going to try to demystify one of the most simple forms of digital scrapbooking: the Quickpage.  A “QP” is a pre-designed digital layout that you simply add your photos to and then any text that you want.  Think: Costco Christmas Cards . . . except a bajillion times cooler and more unique!

Since the four of us who are putting on this 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop are designers in the digital scrapbooking and papercrafting industry, this whole subject is very near and dear to our hearts!! We want to share our hobby with you, and we hope to convert you over to “the dark side” {giggle!}.  Once you try digital scrapbooking, you’ll be hooked!

Enjoy the tutorial over @ Keeping Life Creative, and then come back here and tell me what you think!!

12 Days Blog Hop: Sugar Scrub Tutorial and FREE Printable Tag

Who says you have to spend a lot of money to give a great gift?! I certainly don’t buy into that myth!! In fact, many of the most welcomed and meaningful gifts I have given to others have been handmade by me! And, although I’d like to devote a lot of time to each individual gift, I only have so many hours in the day, and I have a HUGE family. Spending hours and hours on making gifts is just not realistic.

However, this gift is quick, easy, FRUGAL, classy and luxurious! Anyone can make it – even non-crafty types!

Today, we are going to make a batch of sugar scrub for the ladies in your life.

What you will need:

  • 1 Cup of Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • One or two drops of an essential oil like peppermint, orange, lavender, etc.
  • The oil from a vitamin E capsule (optional)
  • A mixing bowl, measuring cup, and spoon
  • A small, decorative jar with a lid

In a mixing bowl, combine the vegetable oil and sugar.  Add a drop or two of essential oil, and mix well.  Stir in the oil from the vitamin E capsule, if desired.  Fill small jars with the sugar scrub, and tighten lid.

My cost: 1 large bottle of Vegetable Oil cost me 25¢ after coupons, and I used about 2¢ of it.  Sugar cost me $2.09 after coupons, and I used about 25¢ of it.  I asked my Facebook friends if they had any essential oils that I could use, and a couple of them offered theirs, so it was FREE for me.  I opted not to add the vitamin E capsule, and I decided to package my scrub in used baby food jars that I picked up at a garage sale for free last summer.  I painted the lids with black spray paint that I already had.  SO, this batch of sugar scrub, which I divided into 2 jars cost me 52¢, or just 26$ per gift.

{Little tip – stock up on all of your baking items this time of year!!  Even if you are not an extreme couponer, like me, you will still save a lot of money!}

To make it pretty, I simply printed out this FREE printable gift tag set and tied it on with a little ribbon!

Click on the image to download your free printable gift tag designed using my Ornament Cuts template set and digital designs by Pamela Donnis.

You can purchase this printable Canister Box to hold your luxurious sugar scrub gift!  Include a spoon that you picked up from Goodwill for 29¢ and you’re all set!

Looking for more frugal gift ideas?

Merry Christmas to you, and come back tomorrow to grab the next freebie in the 12 Days Blog Hop!

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