Printing Hybrid Projects

I’m a hybrid designer (who also dabbles in kit design, but that’s neither here nor there).  I create papercraft templates and cut files like little boxes and bags and pretty little doo-dads to stuff gifts into and impress the recipient.  Know what’s not impressive?  Muddy, desaturated colors and blurry, pixilated elements.  But, really, it’s not the digital designer’s fault!  It’s probably the paper you are printing on.

Let me show you what I mean.  I used paper and elements from my Sunshiney Spring Stash packs and printed them on regular white cardstock (which I bought from Walmart in the big pack) and on Epson Premium Presentation Paper.  Check out the difference:


Do you see it?  The colors run together and you can see where the little dots from the inkjet printer hit the paper.  Looks blurry and pixilated.  (Totally click to enlarge so you can see what I mean.)  And in this last picture, you can clearly see the difference, especially in the way the paper cuts on the Silhouette.  My machine doesn’t like cardstock NEARLY as much as it likes matte photo paper!


 The moral of the story is:  If you plan on printing out digital papers, elements, journaling cards for pocket scrapping, etc., go with matte photo paper over cardstock.  You’ll be much happier with the results!

I used my Sunshiney Spring paper pack and my Standing Pillow Box to create this adorable gift set for my Creative Team Blog Hop!


Keep hopping to see what the rest of my Creative Team has come up with to inspire you this iNSD!

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