I paid off my student loans!

Remember last January when I posted that one of my goals (as lofty as it seemed) was to pay off my student loans?  Well, I finally did it!!  Wahoo!!  You have no idea the incredible freedom I feel right now!!

Any stay at home mom with a degree will tell you that it majorly sucks to be paying off your student loans when you are not using your degree in any wage-earning capacity.  The guilt heaps on, especially when your family is sacrificing so much trying to keep afloat so you can be home caring for your kids.  It doesn’t help when others are constantly offering you ideas on how to earn a buck so you can contribute financially or asking you when you are going back to work.  Because, you know, SAHMs don’t contribute much.

I’m not here to debate that topic.

I’m just here to scream it from the rooftops!!

My Student Loans are paid off!  Two degrees: BS in Secondary Education: Social Studies and MA in Education: Curriculum and Instruction.   Both from private, Christian schools: George Fox University (where I met and married my handsome man) and Azusa Pacific University (while I was teaching 7th grade full time – before kids).  That means, I owed a LOT of money.  A heaping, guilty pile of money.


I’m experiencing FREEDOM!!  I really love freedom.

Maybe I’ll go back to teaching, but probably not.

Maybe I’ll work outside the home, but probably not.

In the meantime, I’m using my very expensive degrees to build up my own businesses in my little shop at The Digital Press, my Cash Envelopes store on Etsy and my new adventure in designing adoption profiles.

At least that is what I tell myself.

And, you know what?  I love working for myself!

I love that all of YOU helped to make this dream a reality!!  Thank you SO much for your encouragement and support!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!

What’s next?  We’re going to start saving for a mattress, since the one we sleep on is over 30 years old.  Then we are going to put away money to replace one of our 15-year-old-falling-apart vehicles while beginning to pay off our massive HELOC (which we used to live off of in the first few years that my husband started his business).  I might attempt to throw a trip to Disneyland in there, but we’ll see.  I can dream about showing my kids Disneyland some day!!  Freedom, and the confidence that I can accomplish such a lofty goal, help keep that dream alive!

I can’t end this post without plugging my cash envelopes, can I?

Going to a cash based budget helped us significantly cut back our expenses and finally get a handle on our finances.  I highly recommend it!  You can check out my little post on cash envelope categories and what works for us, and then purchase a set or make one yourself with my free cash envelope template!

Have any of you recently reached some financial goals?  I’d love to celebrate with you!!  Post in the comments!

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