Crazy weekend!

I have had a seriously crazy weekend.  First, we had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday.  It was BIG.  I had a couple of pieces of furniture, LOTS of 2T boy clothes, some strollers and baby gear (yes, we really are DONE, mom), tons of linens, and who knows what else.  My friend Susan joined me, and between the two of us we probably made about $800.  Plus, a bunch of stuff that didn’t sell, but is still totally sale-worthy, will be going on Craigs List (if I can ever get around to listing them).  So, hopefully that will add to the decorating fund!

Friday was beautiful!  Susan and I both got a little pink in the sun.  The kids played outside (my 2 boys, her 2 girls), while we raked in the dough.  Mitch acted as errand boy (bless him!) and brought us burgers and fries.  It was good.

Friday night it POURED.  Straight down.  HARD.  Apparently there was lots of thunder and lightning, but I couldn’t hear the thunder above the sound of the rain on the roof, and I fell back asleep before I saw any flashes.  Must have been a good storm, though.

The next morning, it was still wet, and I thanked God that we had a 3-car garage.  I started arranging tables and pulling things out, and the ever-faithful garage sale-ers showed up.  (Side note:  What are garage sale hounds called, anyway?)  We had a steady stream of people all morning long, despite the light showers.  By noon, the weather was beautiful again and the fair-weather garage sale hounds came around.  It was pretty cool.  And, this whole time, Mitch occupied the 4 children cooped up in the house.  Wonderful man.  Oh, and he bought us pizza.  Nice.

After we packed up and took the leftovers to Goodwill, we took a trip into Salem to buy some totally last minute birthday gifts for Cole.  The boys fell asleep in the truck, so Mitch stayed with them while I roamed the isles of TJMaxx by myself!  Wheee!  I got some great deals . . . and some b-day gifts, too!  We celebrated a successful sale with a meal out at Thai Beer.  Mmmmm . . . love Thai food!  Thankfully the kids get just as excited about it as I do!

Sunday morning, we slept in, Mitch cooked us a yummy breakfast and foffee (love that Cole calls it foffee!), and we headed off to church.  It was SO wonderful to hear the sound of our friend Matt’s voice leading worship again.  We also got to meet Matt and Alex’s (Grant’s K-teacher) new baby.  Add that to a beautiful baptismal service, and the day just glowed!!  What a wonderful, worshipful experience!

Back home, it was a mad dash to get ready for the birthday party!  Cole, my baby, turned 3 yesterday, and our family gathered together to celebrate with him.  He was so excited to wake up that morning to a room of balloons (our tradition), and he was just DYING to watch me decorate the cake.  That was sure fun!  I let him fill each of the train cars with candy, and he got to eat the leftovers.  We don’t do BIG, crazy birthdays around here until they turn 5, so cakes are our special thing.  Sometimes you can tell what the cake is supposed to be, and sometimes only the kid and mom know.  Hee, hee!

Check out this little masterpiece:


Cole had such a great time yesterday.

He played with the cousins . . . game

Opened his presents . . .


And rode his new bike . . .


It was a wonderful day.  A celebration of Cole!


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