B90 Update: Entering the New Testament!!

Can you imagine what our world would look like if EVERY Christian would read through the entire Bible?

We would change the WORLD.

Do you realize that only a tiny percentage of Christians have read through the entire Bible?  I was one of them for 34 years, people.  I taught Sunday School and Bible Study, helped lead Small Groups, sat on leadership committees, went on missions trips, attended Christian schools and colleges . . . and yet I had never read the entire Bible until recently.  There were whole books that I had NEVER EVER read a single word of.  There were stories that I had never heard about in Sunday School or preached from the pulpit.

I was taking an airplane ride through the Bible, only stopping at the big stories and completely missing the vast scenery God had put in front of me.

For those of you who are new here, I first read through the Bible in 90 days (well, 88 days!) back in the summer of 2010 with the Mom’s Toolbox group.  I was so changed by the experience that I really wanted to bring the program to my home church, so I ordered the materials on faith that my pastors would see my vision and agree to let us start the challenge at our church.  Of course, they did!!

My church is on Day 67, which means that tomorrow we jump into the New Testament.  I’m so excited!!  My husband (an overachiever) is already a few days into it, and he has pointed out how his perspective on the New Testament has completely changed now that he has read all the way through the Old.  He sees the connections, he recognizes it when Jesus and the disciples quote Old Testament scripture.  He sees how Jesus has fulfilled Old Testament prophecy.  Pretty amazing stuff!!

I’d like to invite you to read the New Testament with me in just 3 weeks. It’s only 12 pages a day, and will probably take about 30-45min. of your time each day.  It is engaging material with an eternal perspective that will change your life.  I promise you that.

Would you be willing to give up a TV show or a few minutes of blog hopping to see your life changed through God’s Word?

If so, head over to Mom’s Toolbox for a whole slew of great resources and download a reading schedule.  Start on Day 68, beginning in Matthew.

Next, tell someone that you are doing this so that you can be held accountable with your goal.  You are welcome to join my church’s B90 Facebook Page.

THEN, pray that God will show you something new each time you sit down to read.  Pray that He will help you to stay focused so that you can read intentionally.

And, let me know if you are joining us!!  I’d love to be praying for you!

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