A Birthday, A Birth and more!

My Beloved celebrated his 36th birthday on Wednesday, so in true “wonderful wife” fashion, I tried to make the day special for him. He likes to come home to a clean house, so I did my very best to spruce the place up. Of course, the minute I leave the room, the place is trashed again, but I really did my best! I also hung streamers, blew up HUGE balloons, made a chocolate, chocolate, M&M cake (which was so much fun to do with the boys), fixed some gumbo, and wrapped a pretty present. I think he was pleased!

Happy Birthday baby!

And, speaking of babies . . . my brother Tim and his adorable wife Sara welcomed Liam James into the world on March 27th. (sigh) So wonderful! I am so happy to hear that baby and mommy are doing well! I can’t wait to see more pictures of this little guy. (I sure hope my mom passed the camera over to my sister! I need some “softer” shots, if you know what I mean . . .)

Last week was Spring Break around here, and Grant got to attend his very first sports camp. This was the first time he has ever participated in organized (I guess) sports, and he was soooo nervous. He was acting all pouty and stressed out on Monday morning as Mitch was trying to help him get dressed. After talking things over, Mitch discovered that he was scared because he didn’t know how to play soccer and all the other kids did. So sweet. Of course, my amazing son did great. One of my friends must have been behind the camera at sports camp, because at the end of the day on Wednesday they had a slide show and MY GORGEOUS BOY was in more pictures than any other kid. The photographer got lots of great action shots. I hope I can get my hands on some of them.

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