Cash Envelopes Just Got Prettier!

Update: I opened up an Etsy shop!!  Go purchase your pre-made cash envelopes!

It has been a little over a year since the Cash Envelope system of money management changed our lives. It’s amazing how actually handing over a bill instead of a plastic card will impact your decision making.  “Do I really NEED this bag of chips?”  Probably not.  Especially when it means that I won’t be able to afford that gallon of milk.  Make sense?

As you all know, we literally carry our cash around in envelopes that I created to tuck inside my wallet.  (Don’t worry. It’s not a lot of cash!  LOL!)  You can still pick up the free cash envelope template that I did a little tutorial with way back in January 2010, and create your own!!  (Or, if you have a digital die cut machine, go grab the brand new cutting files!!  It will make things so much easier on you!)

After all the great feedback I received on that post, I realized that some of you prefer a different type of envelope, so I’m excited to show you my new cash envelope template!! It’s a Tab Envelope, and I’ve included Cutting Files for your digital die-cut machine!



Isn’t that awesome!?!  No more fumbling with a flap or having to flip through the envelopes to see a specific category.  Plus, it’s the same height as a standard envelope from the bottom to the top of the tab, so you can even use it in conjunction with what you already have.  A little set of these babies would be so perfect for special occasions like vacations and gift-giving times (like Christmas!!).

They are SO easy to put together, too.  Of course, you can always print the pdf template out like I did on that other envelope tutorial, or you can use the psd files to add digital paper to the template, OR you can use the cutting files like I did on this sample!

I love my Silhouette Cameo!  It is the best thing EVER.  It comes with some great software that is so easy to learn (especially with the help of YouTube videos) AND, you don’t even need the Designer edition of the software to open up my files!  If you DO have the Designer edition, just open the SVG files.  No biggie.  BUT, if you don’t want to fork over the extra money for the DE, just open up the DXF files.  File>Open>and grab the DXF files.   You’ll need to ungroup them, and then just click “Cut”.  SO easy!

And, yes, you can use scissors.  The important thing is just to cut it out and then score the envelope by matching up the lines.  I am trying to design my templates these days so that the lines are not very noticeable.  Of course, if you are using psd, please change the colors of the lines to match your project!  If you are using the pdf “lines only” version, you can print on the back of your pretty paper and no one will ever see the lines.  If you are cutting with your fancy-schmancy machine, you’ll get little slits that you would use as guides to “connect the dots” while scoring from one slit to the next.  Make sense?  I flipped my fancy paper over and scored on the back.

Next, fold it up and glue the tabs to the inside of the envelope using your favorite adhesive.

And, that’s it!

Of course, I mass produced, because I wanted 10 envelopes for my cash system of money management.  I also used my 1 1/4″ punch to punch out circles for the tabs.

Then, I cut a piece of cardstock that is 6.5″ x 3″ to act as the flap to tuck into my wallet, and I glued a pretty printed paper to it!

I gathered the stack of envelopes (well, half of them anyway) and clipped them together to keep the stable while I punched holes in them with my Crop-o-dile hole puncher.  Then I grabbed the other 5 and did it again.

I “sewed” them together with a loose blanket stitch, knotting the ends.

I love how it turned out!!

It’s all ready for you to add your spending categories!!

As we approach the New Year, maybe this is the time for you to try the cash system!!  Or, maybe you just need prettier envelopes to whip out at the grocery store.  In any case, go pick up my new template today!!

Come back tomorrow for an exciting freebie and another fun tutorial!

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