The Cupcake Shaped Box Template: Refrosted!

I am often asked which papercraft template is my most popular template I have ever created.  Without a doubt, it is my Cupcake Shaped Box.  I first released it as part of a fundraiser in May 2009, and I gave it away to all registered participants.  After that, I released it for sale in my digital shop and it started selling like hotcakes!  I have had many requests to convert it to cutting files for digital die cut machines.

I’m happy to announce that NOT ONLY have I converted the template files to cutting files (including psd, pdf, svg, dxf, png), but I also updated the template to make the top “fluffier” and I cleaned up the lines a bit.  It was a LOT of work, but the finished result is SO worth it!!  What do you think?




Eeek!  I just love it!  Look at that fluffy “frosting!”

Let me show you how I put this together!

As always . . .

Before I get started, let me direct you to some pretty good tutorials (if I do say so myself!) found at The Hybrid Chick:

Where to Start – offers suggestions for basic materials to get you started with hybrid.

Using Templates – guides you through the process of using my templates from downloading to adding digital paper, and preparing to print.

Borderless Printing – shows you how to find your borderless printing option on your printer . . . or at least gets you headed in the right direction.

Now, print your project! Of course, you can use digital paper or simply print the lines only version on some of the patterned paper or cardstock in your stash.

After adding the digital papers to the psd version of the template, I printed my project out onto polar matte photo paper by Red River.  (The blue is just for scraps and decorating!)

Next, I scored on the dashed lines using a bone folder and cut the entire template out by cutting on the solid lines using my craft knife.

I folded along the scored lines (notice that one of the hexagons is flipped back), and then unfolded the template again to decorate it before assembly.

To assemble the cupcake shaped box, I first I applied my favorite wet adhesive, Beacon’s 3 in 1, to the side flap as shown (with one of the hexagons flipped back) and then adhered the flap to the inside of the box.

Add some glue to the bottom of each of the 4 small triangular shaped tips and p

ress the inside hexagon to the tips.

Then, add some glue to the bottom hexagon and press it to the bottom.  At this point, I turned the box over and pressed the inside with the end of my craft knife to make sure it was nicely adhered!

To assemble the top, I first slightly curled the flaps, just to give them a bit of a bend.  Then, I folded the three rounded flaps in.

To close the box, hook two of the little circle pieces together.  Then, add the third, hooking it as shown. That’s it!

Finish it off with a pretty little button and admire your handy work!

This adorable Cupcake Shaped Box will hold something about the size of a ladies’ fist: a small cupcake, a bag of truffles, a new necklace and more!  Wouldn’t it make the most adorable wedding shower favor?  So cute!

Now, I just have to compare the old box and the new box, so you can see the difference:

Um, yeah. BIG difference, don’t you think?  It’s been “Refrosted”!!  Wahoo!

You can purchase the updated Cupcake Shaped Box in my Etsy Shop!

So, what do you think?  Is it an improvement?  Are you as excited as I am??  YAY!!

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