Hot Dog! My Safeway Trip Rocked.

Yes, you are correct.  It is Wednesday!!  The new Safeway ad came out, Frugal Living NW and The Krazy Coupon Lady posted the match-ups, and I shopped.  And, I stocked.

Because, as you are heading into summer, you can never have too many hot dogs in your freezer, right?  The kids love them, they are quick and easy, and for only .24¢ a pack, I’m stocking up!

I only bought 8 packs at that price today, but I will probably go back later this week if my grocery money holds out.  I do have about 10 packs in the freezer, too.  The Oscar Meyer “Meat” (whatever that means) franks were obviously included in the sale, but I also got some Turkey franks for that price, too!  The Angus ones were free with a coupon I received in the mail.

More highlights:

The Motrin was FREE
The Tide was FREE
The Wheat Thins were .50¢ each
The sour cream was .54¢ each
The Mayonnaise was .74¢ each
The Pretzels were .39¢

I did pay full price for produce and a few necessities, though.  The total before coupons was $97.45.  Sheesh!!  And, I only paid $20.75!!

I DID do this in 3 transactions to take full advantage of the doubler.  I went with Cole after dropping Grant off at school, then I went again after I dropped Cole off at school.  I went out to my car, unloaded groceries, and went through again.  I didn’t do any back-to-back transactions, however they usually don’t care at my store if I’m there early enough and don’t cause problems for the people behind me.  Can I just tell you how much I love Dyna?!  She is just so sweet and fun that early in the morning.  She needs a raise.

So, are you stocking up for the BBQ season? I got the heads-up on a great ground beef sale and was able to stock up on extra lean ground beef for .99¢ a pound!!  I bought 20 lbs.  LOL!  (Thanks Susan!) I used my newly discovered freezer bag method of freezing ground beef (which totally rocks) and even cooked some up for convenience, then froze it the same way.  Cool!

PS – I know you don’t see any buns here, but I was thinking that I want to try to make my own using the Homemade Buns recipe from $5 Dinner Mom’s cookbook!

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